The funniest comment ever

Mike Rocks and I were out for a big one / coker ride this morning
along Jericho beach in Vancouver, BC this morning.

We had quite a few looks from people, and as we were riding, one older
lady said, “Which one of you is the famous one?”.

We started laughing so hard.

I guess Kris is getting pretty well known!

Luke Closs

odd comment

I was riding today for some distance, when all of a sudden it started to rain. I passed a guy who said to me " Hey!, You forgot to put the windshield wipers on" This was a new comment. I walked into the place so i could call my mom to come pick me up. When i passed him on the way out he said " Thats one heck of a machine you got there, but it doesnt have windshield wipers." Not neccesarily funny, but certainly original.


I take my umbrella with me if I have to uni somewhere in the rain. People don’t tend to say anything, they just stare…

Phil, just me

My favourite comment for a while: a little boy of about 5 years old shouted to his dad, ‘Daddy, what’s that boy doing?’

(That boy being me, fast approaching my 40th birthday! Thanks kid, whoever you are!)

And then later I was on a carpark practising idling and reversing on my 24 with the new 102mm cranks (quite an exercise at first!) i was feeling pretty pleased with myself until two bicyclists stopped and one asked, ‘New toy?’

A while ago I was practicing stuff in front of my house when a 5 year old child and his mother walked by. But as they were approaching, i heard the child say to his mother, “look momy, a clown!” at that is started laughing. Those comments are fun when they come from little kids.


I got a good one from a kid (5 ish )today too…

“Look! hes not using any hands!”

I’m still not sure if he noticed I was on one wheel :stuck_out_tongue:

Today Bagpiperboy and i took an offroad excursion up a local canyon and as a mountain biker passed us ( we were all bedecked in pads and the like) on his way down: “Unicycles? now that’s getting technical with it.” There was definitely respect in his voice, but it just happened to be a moment we weren’t riding, so i don’t know if he was truly impressed or not. :roll_eyes:

I rode up to a local skate board park with about 50-60 of the local riders when a heard the following not very tactful comment before riding down the smallest bowl, “hey buddy I hope you crack you head open” I think I impressed him though, because he didn’t say a word after I rode down the bowl and did my reall cool (not really) 180.

I’ve gotten two good comments lately:

A kid in a passing gang of punks said “my grandma does sh** harder than that.” I made a quick U-turn and wheel walked back to them. “Can she do this?” I replied. Their abrasive tone vanished and they all smiled with astonishment.

The second: after hopping down a flight of about 60 steps on my Muni, a woman, in the presence of about ten other females, said “Many, the way you was workin them steps really makes me wonder what you can do at home.”


Got 4 " cool" comments on the way from work to college last night. one from a teen with MTB, two from little kids out with parents and one from a bunch of skate kiddies. made me feel good any way.


This morning I decided the weather conditions were too bad to ride to work. Glad I took the bus. Roofs were being blown off and the river has totaly flooded,covering the bike path so my route would have been under water.