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Hey guys, its been forever since I’ve posted but I’m pretty psyched and just wanted to mention that a re-edit (done by coker) of my coker street/muni video is on the front page of the websites.

Excellent video for Coker! My only concern would be that some riders might get scared away by it! :astonished: But Coker doesn’t tell you what to do with their cycles, so why not?

Also I see the V2 is now available in an array of custom powder coat colors (for a price). Cool.

that version of the video was even sweeter. still by far one of my favorite videos, mostly because its so unique :slight_smile: didnt really like the music, but thats just me…
are you sponsored by coker now? or are they just using your video?

yeah, that looks awesome. It’s as fun as watching you in person, but I’m not exhausted trying to keep up with a 25yo on a Coker through the woods! You have really proven what can be done with a big wheel in the dirt, on the street, and just how much punishment square taper cranks can truly handle. You are a top notch rider, and you have quite the steed!

Hey Brian, the front fender off the Coker Cruiser would be sweet on 36er Uni’s! Will they sell them seperately?

My relationship with Coker is a little complex, to put it simply, I guess you could say I’m sponsored. :slight_smile:

Eric, thanks for the complements! As for the fender, I think we’d have trouble finding a reliable way to mount them with a rotating axel without modifying the frame but that would be cool.

Brian, can I borrow one of your Coker bearing caps?

a hole through the unicrown as if you were going to mount caliper brakes to mount the top of the fender, and they make rubber dipped metal clips that wrap around the fork leg to attach a bolt through to mount the support rails will work without making holes or welding bosses onto the legs should do the trick.

Untill now I did not knew the two-wheel “tandem-unicycle” I rode was a Coker product to.

Great video, and terrific endorsement for Big Wheel MObility! I need to get a lighter rig, My tank with T7’s wouldn’t do those things… even if I could:o

Very nice