The Freibier - Injuries (mp3)

Hey folks,

me and my band recorded a song in the studio. So, we have finished the mixing and are proud to announce this. Well, we played at the Wunschkonzert (for all who has been there, maybe they remember). Well this song is about unicycling but actually you are also able to transfer it to skateboarding, blading, parcouring whatever…

So, here is the story with this: Last summer I was out along with our gitarrist (who sings this song, too) to parcour. There was this freakin’ drop or gap (I don’t remember), but I was scared to take it. Then Jan started singing the refrain of this song and I was forced to… I landed it without problems. From then on, everytime I suck at something or stuck at a trick, I sing the ref for myself and for some reasons the problems go away. Well, this is my motivation, if my face hits the surface over and over again, so maybe you can motivate yourself with it, go ahead!

The Freibier - Injuries.mp3

[i]# Verse 1
Spins and Flips, Coasts and whatever else
I’m prepared to collapse
I come up with the fallen syndrome
And my current trick gets undone

Better neither scared nor shy
Though have fun with a longer fligh’
Turn off your mind and proceed
Feel the pain if you don’t succeed


I got hit, I got hurt
I don’t care, I just dare
Pain’s my pleasure
Waiting every time for it

I got hit, I got hurt
I don’t care, I just dare
Pain’s my pleasure
Pain’s my pleasure

Verse 2

The pedals targets are my shins
That brings funny patterns from the pins
My shins are looking odd
Cause there are masked with blood

I gave my prots a damn
My tricks needs to be darn
Never prevent from doing so
Imagine your line and strike through

… Ref …


Broken bones ‘n’ crashed body parts
Lead into a longer break
Hope you have an early awake

… Ref 2 times …[/i]

P.S. Yes, it’s garage punk, the quality is as it is used too!
P.P.S Freibier means free beer, we named the band after our favorite drink!

hehe…your accent sounds funny.

That was great thumbs up

Thanks for your comments, anyone else?

There were two things that seemed strange to me. First, someone who seems to be German but was singing with an American accent (I know that a lot of non-British Europeans learn to speak English with an American accent, but it still seems strange). Second was hearing punk done with an American accent, I’ve never heard that before and it really didn’t work for me.

I think I’d have enjoyed it if the sound quality had been better and the accent had been more appropriate to punk (for me, the gold standard of punk is the Anti-Nowhere League). As it is, I’m afraid I couldn’t listen to the end.

uh, waha, I’m not singing, I’m playing the drums, but well I wrote the text. Our gitarrist is singing. He is from germany, too. But he has philipines ancestors and therefore english is also his motherlanguage - haha.

At the end, we are happy that you enjoy this song … over and over and o… again :smiley:

I like the song much :smiley:

@Danny: how old are you ?

Nice :slight_smile:

Doesn’t it say in my profile?


OK, it didn’t but it does now. 6 years younger than you :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the Info, I just ask cause sometimes I hear 15 years old kids talking about old music stuff as they play it themselves :smiley:

With 33 you are able to argue about Punk stuff for sure and I agree that US accent is rare in Punk music.

As gossi wrote the singer has his special accent and so it is as it is, German English sounds normally much more funny and most German Punk bands are sing in German to give no sample of bad English or strange accent in Punk.

Here in Germany they teach us something like Oxford English in school which is not very useful outside of Germany :slight_smile: Maybe depending on listening to a lot of American music many Germans get an American accent and also it’s a bit considered to be cool (for what reason ever ?)