The Freestyle Compilation Video

Maybe I’m just a sour trials rider who doesn’t have enough sleep, but it seems stupid to disallow any large hops, etc. A movie should be good, not suffocating in rigid rules. Personally, I would be far more impressed and entertained by a mix of all styles than a pure freestyle video. If I wanted that, i’d go watch UNICON routines.

Freestyle, unlike trials and muni, is an art, focusing on creativity, not on skills. I can do plenty of “freestyle skills” such as gliding, ww, etc, but I don’t consider myself a freestylist because I have an ugly riding style and pay it no mind. To me, a freestylist is similar to a dancer in that he or she is using the skills as a means of expression, not to showcase their balance or prowess on a uni. I think a good freestylist should be able to do a decent routine without their feet ever leaving the pedals. With that in mind, I don’t see how a video that is a conglomeration of shorts can be considered a good freestyle video. It may be a trick showcase, but not a freestyle video. And if it’s a trick showcase, why sans any street, muni, or trials skills?

I think you’re defining freestyle too ridgidly. Personally, my goal in freestyle riding is to do the one-wheeled equivalent of flatland BMX, not dance on my unicycle. While I do think sometimes about trying to be graceful, my main focus is doing really hard, interesting tricks. If you watch the performances from the last UNICON, you can see that this was also the focus of the winners of the Expert Freestyle competitions, Ryan Woessner and Amy Shields. Certainly they put a lot of effort in making their performances artistic, but the thing that really stands out to me is their ability to do lots of hard tricks. I find their performances much more interesting than those by Japanese riders who do nothing but spins and stand-up gliding, however gracefully. I think freestyle should be defined to include any kind of trick riding on flat ground, regardless of the context or focus.

well gerbel franklin i font think its such a far out idea to have jsut a freestyle video, because in the last combo vid-you could send in anything- and we got no trials or muni. so even if we allowed it-not a lot or no one at all would probably send it in. also, i dont think muni or trials is really like fun to watch. even if its really impressive gaps/hops it doesnt interest me. just me.

here here

because he’s trying to make a freestyle movie…thats the only reason. there’s plenty of people making trials or street movies, so send clips to them if you want…but let tyler do his thing.

How’s this coming Tyler?

Any idea when this is coming out? Do you have enough footage yet?

WEll off course…again,…take whatever you want from my gallery, since I dont have anyone to film me some of its old, there are a couple of newre ones…take what ya want…

Hey Tyler, did you get the stuff I sent you?

(yes bump)