The Freestyle Compilation Video

I’ve seen people do the compiled videos many times before, but rarely if ever specifically freestyle. So here I am, out to make that freestyle dream a reality. Please send all of your flatland freestyle - not trials or street to my “big files” e-mail address - unicyclesars(at)lycos(dot)com. Thanks, I’ll have it done within a couple of days of recieving a proper amount of clips. I’m looking at you JSM, Chosen, Unitic, Leo, and all you other fweestyluhs! :slight_smile:

I’ll do it…

Since it’s snow/icy out and all I can do is freestyle on our back porch. :slight_smile:

I’ll send you some, I guess you can call my riding freestyle because most of it is in my driveway…are there any restrictions to the type of stuff I can send you? Like crankflips…they are a street trick but its freestyle when I do it on flat, right?

I’ll do some if I get around to it…but its snowy so I can just do it in my basement, and I’m not that good anyway. but I’ll try.

Spencer (my bro’s name btw) -

As long as it’s flatland it’s all good. For example unispins and crankflips are ok, but something such as a high hop or side hop is not because it’s under the trials category.


I just noticed that my so called “big file e-mail” only takes attatchments up to 5 megs or something, so please post the vids in the gallery and email me the links to the same address. Thanks!

you could get a gmail address, they allow up to 10 MB per email…

Ok, I’ll film some stuff today.
A little off topic but I remember a while ago in one of your movies you threw a pinecone at Spencer:)

Yea, that pinecone was a LOooooooong time ago!

Now if you want you can also send me the movies using That’s the preferred method, although the gallery is just fine, too.

dude i would love to send stuff… but i dont have a camera…im excited for itso people SEND THINGS


Ok, I sent you stuff. I tried to land a seat whip…now I understand why I have seen pictures of people trying them on the grass… ouch.

I hope you’re not trying to get this done by the weekend.

Is it okay to wait untill monday/tuesday?

Sounds very interesting
Aren’t you interesting to make it availiable on when it is ready ?
We still have one small freestyle clip but the world need moooooore.
I went to Dudenhofen / Germany to make a Video Story about the Freestyle Convention there :slight_smile:
It will be also availiable a few days after on

hey tyler, wish i woulda been home today. i woulda put together a lot of cool stuff. i definitley will send you some cool stuff. is there a deadline that you want the videos by? i just would really like to have my 360 unispinin it. i feel bad for all the people who cant ride because of the weather lol, its 70 and sunny in my neighborhood.

also as a side note-are you taking requests for songs for the background music? if so i request the used- all that ive got.

:roll_eyes: Will it “change their live”? :roll_eyes:

hopefully :slight_smile:

dont make me have to use this bryan-cuz you know i will.

Thanks Spencer! Yea, take your time, just not toooooo much time!

I’ll see what I can come up with. The weather here is really bad, so I’ll probably only be able to do basement freestyle. This really would work better in the summer.

ooooo yeah…bout thats… hmm… definately not feeling the used…not a big used fan… but hey i wont be in it so do whatever you want…