The Freedom Revolution Unicycle Tour

The Freedom Revolution Unicycle Tour is currently underway … 3 riders … 2500km’s offroad … 44 days …

The winners of this year’s Evolution of Balance award, Team CounterBalance, are currently busy with their epic tour across South Africa … offroad. They have completed just over 1/4 so far and are going strong.

Their web blog is updated quite often as is the Twitter Feed. Follow them online on their journey across South Africa.

While you’re browsing the web site reading the very entertaining blogs, please take a moment to consider their goal on the trip … that of to raise enough money to buy 2000 pairs of school shoes for underprivileged children. They are supporting the Bob’s for Good Foundation and if you have some spare change to assist it would be very much appreciated. A pair of shoes costs R100 … around $15.

Very cool…

Wow, what an epic adventure…I’ll definitely follow their journey and donate soon. Thanks for posting the links. Lot’s of great reading and pictures there.

I think the only thing more fun than riding a unicycle, is riding a unicycle while raising money for a great cause. Godspeed to all involved.

Rhodes is Just Roads

Thanks for the kind words Rhino :slight_smile:

Come on folks, give it up, some cash that is!

For shoes, unicycling, and the holidays :slight_smile:

Really ambitious ride, wish I could join ya for a couple days, though you’d certainly leave me in the dust!

man this ride looks SO cool! Just subscribed to the RSS feed.

Haven’t found time yet to really read everything about it, but it’s on my list for the holidays!