! The First Koxx One DVD !

Hey everybody,

“The One” will coming out the 30th March
Check out the Appetizer !
=> www.koxx-one.com

Riders :

  • Yoggi
  • Xavier Collos
  • Thomas Petracco
  • Tiffouille
  • Matt Huet
  • Ando U-Ta
  • Felix Dietze
  • Bryan Stevens
  • Thorsten Schanz
  • Daiki Izumida
  • Jonathan Gagneux
  • Laurent Gautheron
  • Vincent Hermance

Hope You Enjoy !

Cool, I can’t wait. The link’s seems to be dead though?

link works fine for me
the vid looks good, looking forward to it

Nice !!!

sweet, where can we buy it? just on koxx-one, or something like udc or something?

That appetizer was really annoying to watch, but it looks like the DVD should be pretty good.

That would be sweet if it was on UDC.

Looks awesome, can’t wait.

Could someone put it on youtube or something? The http://vids.worldofk.com/koxxone/K1_the_one_appetizer_20Mo.wmv link doesn’t work for me.

Looks extremely good!

and yes some parts were annoying but I thought it was well made:D

awesome, another dvd can’t wait till it’s out.

i wanna see the whole bryan stevens part

acuz that looked awesome

Can Vincent Hermance ride a unicycle? I had a bike trials mate who was obsessed with that guy.

Right click, Save as

Thats a bit easier.

Rock on!

Is Julien from Koxx Freestyle tour in it? He’s my favourite Kokk.

it look so awesome

xavier, can we got a word on how long this dvd will be?

and any info on the price would be good too.

thanks! can’t wait to get it.