! The First Koxx One DVD !

Hey everybody,

“The One” will coming out the 30th March
Check out the Appetizer !
=> www.koxx-one.com

Riders :

  • Yoggi
  • Xavier Collos
  • Thomas Petracco
  • Tiffouille
  • Matt Huet
  • Ando U-Ta
  • Felix Dietze
  • Bryan Stevens
  • Thorsten Schanz
  • Daiki Izumida
  • Jonathan Gagneux
  • Laurent Gautheron
  • Vincent Hermance

Hope You Enjoy !

sounds awesome, a little birdie told me joe hodges was going to be in it though i take it this is not happening now,

looks cool, damnit another thing to buy :smiley:

go bryan

Isn’t there another movie call the One with Jet Li?

The trailer is awsome

Lol yeah I was just watching it the other night…I WILL BE THE ONE!!! I am nobodys b*tch…you points toward croud are mine!points at chest!!!

Wow, That looks really cool. I really want to see it.

I just finished downloading it…Looks like tis gonna be a great movie. Actual quality and editing will be a nice breath of fresh air to all the net vids we have been settling for since Defect…

that looks baad man- set to be wicked- can’t wait to see the full thing.

maadtings man maadtings!!:stuck_out_tongue:

looks nice, i hope this will make dan want to do another movie.

This is going to $40CAD?
Bit steep

too slow downloading!

Shwick nasty yo!

Looks good!

Where will I be able to buy this in the US? UDC?

im stoked.

Looks great, Xavier! Nice editing, interesting backdrops, cool music and state of the art riding.

Re the other one
Jet Li would make a good unicyclist. But his movie takes place in the multiverse; ours is in the universe.

Yeah, as soon as I saw that post I was jetting an order to France! Looks like a pretty cool watch. Downside…well, they’re going to run $37ea… sorry, such are the exchange rates and shipping costs these days. Having said that, there is something to watching a cool full vid on the TV vrs endlessly downloading clips on a small computer screen!

how wolud iget this is Australia ??

Rhythm Imports Ben
22 Warili Road
Frenchs Forrest
2086 NSW


Biketrial Australia
35 Greens Road
3030 Victoria
website???..don’t know what it is…

Sorry don’t know the phone or e-mail/webpage

How long is the run time?