The First Journey..

Well, this whole weekend I have wanted to ride my unicycle. The weather has been beautiful with capital B, but my friend was in form out of town so I was hanging out with her most of the weekend.

She left this morning, and I was bound and determined to ride. I get all the stuff that needs to be done today done and at about 4 I decide its time. I go downstairs and get my bike shorts, I eat a bowl of spaghetti, I drink my water, I get my hat; I head out.

About a mile and a half into my ride I hear a faint whistle above my Korn. I turn around and there is this guy waving me back. I thought…wow some guy that wants to ask me stupid question about the uni. Much to my surprise he says “Hey when are we gonna go riding?” Slightly taken aback from a random 35ish looking man asking me when are we gonna ride,I ask, " Oh can you ride?"

Oh he could ride alright, he told me that he had a uni exactly like mine and he went to his garage, and what do you know, there is about 6 unis hanging form the ceiling. The first one to catch my eye is a nice pretty 6-foot giraffe. He pulls down his giraffe and he lets me ride it, with the help of his truck i got up and rode around in a few lazy circles and after a while i could go back wards and i could idle fairly easily.

Then he picked it up and self mounted and rode around, it was so awesome. The reason we have never seen each other is because he rides down by the river, and I ride down by Wesslesmans Park, completely different sides of town. Oh well. After about 30 minutes I decide its time to head out. The ride continues.

As I am riding my headphones brake so I am left with one working side of my headphones. I ride down to the local mall, which is about 8 miles away ish, some where around there. The reason I go so far out of my way is because I had my money on me so I was just gonna go buy some more headphones.

So I get there and go to open the door. A thought slowly creeps in my head as I try and open door one and its locked, i push the thought away. I reach for door number 2 and its locked also. Same things happen for all the other doors. NOOO I just spent 16 miles of my riding time going to a mall that’s closed because it’s Labor Day. Oh well I suppose it was fun.

As I go Ride around that place I start to get really hungry and thirsty… but nothings open. After about a half and hour of searchingIi find a Baskin Robins 31derful flavors ice cream is open. I stop for refreshments and there is this little girl about 4 who immediately started hackling me about my “one wheel bike”. I mean she was really having at it… That is sooo stupid… Why do you ride that… My bike has 3 wheels its soo much better… and she wouldn’t shut up. I figured her parents would say something but alas, they just thought what their little angel was doing was cute. This made my really fun really long ride a little less enjoyable.

After that I look out and see that the sun is fading fast, and I still have about 5 miles to home. I high tail it home and got there before the sun was completely down, so I decide to ride until it was completely dark out side. I am riding around my neighborhood and I have to stop and get off for traffic. Once that passed, I go for my remount and totally missed, I put my foot to far back on the pedal and it flips out and I go running on my super tired legs. This is my 5th total missed Coker self mount since i have gotten it.

I go to retrieve my uni and look for any damage and realize that on crank is very slightly loose. So i decide to go home. Luckily that was only about 200 hundred yards away.

And that my folks, is my first big adventure on the Coker!!

Left at 4:25 return at 8:00 (with about 1 hour of brakes/pit stops)
Average speed i have no clue
Distance probably about 25 miles
Two total UPDs plus one missed mount


Sounds like a crazy day.

So who was the mystery man with the uni’s? Does he know bout this website?

Good report. Not only is this group a great bunch of unicyclists but people are becoming great literary writers.

A shopping mall closed on a holiday? Don’t they have Labor Day sales? Around here, holidays are big shopping days.

It is funny how we meet fellow riders. I ran into a guy at the park one day. I noticed that he was watching me ride while he was talking with someone. My car was parked nearby and as I started to put my Summit in the trunk of my car, he asked if he could try riding. I went through the usual “do you ride” questions and he admitted that he learned years ago but had not riden since. Well, he free-mounted, did some tight little circles and rode backwards all while wearing cowboy boots. He was impressed with the design of my Summit. In his day, unicycles were not so hi-tech.

Wow, sounds like a great ride. Long, too. But fun.

I meet other riders in unusual ways too, I guess thats just what happens.

no but i made sure and told him about it… shameless bump:D


that’s just about to be the only way to meet other unicyclists. under unusual circumstances, probably because most of us aren’t your run-of-the-mill-average-joe/jane type people.