The First Gospel Of Unicycling

Finally people my first video is up in the gallery, watch it and tell me what you think,


By The Way The Film “The Way I Am” Check it out


Holy crap! Eric Draven is back!

Cool video!

Sweet video exept bad music rap blows haha



Pretty awesome, you flipped me off nine times in that movie, that was funny.

Great riding! :slight_smile:

The theme and music selection is the poorest I have seen in a uni video. Luckily your skills are there and the movies can only get better from here.

I actually liked the music, kind of a parallel bewteen the beginning with the complaining about the hecklers.


Cool clown makeup, and nice riding. I’m not an Eminem fan, but the music works. Although I’m not sure why you’d want to flip off your audience. :astonished:

the ridin is pretty good but the music and the hole flippen people off well…

lighten up a bit man

i rather enjoyed the flipping off. some cool tricks. some of the video had poor lighting so i couldnt tell what was happening. over all i can dig it.

apart from the seemingly argry feelings i percieved from the vid, it was awesome. Im a lvl 1 rider and it encouraged me to go out and try some new stuff. Guess what now i can hop up a 3 1/2" slab on concrete (yeah, i know, short), hop around like its a pogo kinda, and can easily roll off of 9" drops. Thanks for the inspiration.

Klown Life In Person-Jas’o’Mac

I’m glad I inspired You cause thats all I really wanna do. All you guys out there dissing me, you want a reply from me, My next video is coming soon,you’ll have your reply then. Until then watch the video, listen to the lyrics and put it all together. It’s for you guys so take what you want from it.


dear god, kid, calm down.

i think you have some things to work out with your self.

music sucked, riding was OK, need to spend more time editing.

I liked it. Good riding, good music. Not too sure about the finger though.

good riding all i got to say it RAP CAN LICK MY BALLS all thye do is talk fast and they only do it to make money thats it


actually not all rap artists just do it to make money ( plus ppl do work for money, the more the marrier), most of them do it and try to display a message to the ppl. Eminem does alot of that with political issues and such.

so dont be so stereotypical. Just cause one rapper grabs his balls and sings about pimps and hoes, doesnt mean there all like that.

i happen to like the music, just i dont think it works for unicycling. Plus maybe this kid will get really good and show us all up, in the mean time he’s gotta chill-ax and worrie about riding not flipping ppl off 24/7


People you’re all making a mistake.

You’re confusing rap in general with “gangsta rap”.

by Gangsta’ rap I’m refering to artists such as: 50 cent, P. Diddy, Eminem etc… All theh rap about is their tough lives (even if they’re millionaires) shootin’ n*****, dealing drugs…pimpin etc…

Gangsta rappers are popstars wiht a badboy attitude.

While other rap artists: The streets, Buck 65, Rage Against the Machine(yes, that’s right…), Beastie Boys rap is meant to be seen as poetry more than anything else and they’re trying to get a message through their work (ok…maybe not so much for the Beastie Boys).

And lets not forget that for every rule there are exeptions.