The Fear

Apologies if this has been done - couldn’t see it.

Anyone else in the UK catch “The Fear” on TV last night?

Unicycling gets a brief appearance on mainstream TV but only so a unicylist can get beaten up by the main character.

Maybe I’m being overly sensitive but it’d have been nice to see something a bit more positive for an often maligned sport.

Oh well…

Haven’t seen it yet, but I think I’ve taped it.

Now you mention it, I seem to remember they posted on this board some time back looking for a unicyclist in Brighton for the part? Or am I dreaming it?

Yes, I could search. Maybe in a bit.

Edit: Not dreaming -

No I didn’t watch it although I had read of the unicycle attack. In his defence isn’t the main character supposed to have alzheimer’s? Though if and when I suffer from dementia I hope I behave more like…


Have fun and stay safe,

Not sure who the unicyclist that got beat up was but Im in it along with Sam Goodburn and 3 other lads. Not sure how much screen time we’ll get or even if you’ll be able to see our faces but the story certainly sounded interesting :roll_eyes:


I am the unicyclist in that episode. The cast crew and writers definitely weren’t anti unicyclist in any way :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone was entranced by the unicycle most of the time. Peter Mullan who played the lead was very nice and constantly worried about my safety bless him :slight_smile: nicest man to be beaten up by ever

The script called for a unicycle as it was a bit more “Brighton” I.e. zany

It’s ironic as most of Brighton is infested with cyclist who were less than happy to stop for the filming. A few of them just refused to slow at all while we were filming and rode past at full speed with no consideration for what I was doing at all.

Anyone have a clip?