The fear factor..

your mom scares me…

same for me.
qwak qwak qwak.
having hurt myself with My Coker is terribly impairing my use of it. I still do not use it much because of the fear factor! that’s terrible because when I overcome my fear the reward is huge. But I’m still rigid when I freemount and as a consequence I miss more freemounts!
I don’t give up but still continuing to hurt myself by lack of relaxation:(
qwak qwak qwak …

i think fear holds me back a little while i ride

Fear is the base of banger footage. If it’s not scary it’s not worth filming.

-Shaun Johanneson

When I was in my twenties I did pushed dangerous limits, mostly on my motorcycle. I was regarded as one of the best (most reckless) road bike riders in my town. 50 MPH wheelies were fun. Now in my forties with 5 kids and a wife counting on me I tend to see physical risks in a different light. Consequently my unicycling skills are advancing slowly. And I no longer ride a motorcycle.

When I motivate myself to do something big and scary, I first think it through: am I able to survive and which are the odds. If I decide I can do it, I just go for it! Using the brain and too much worrying during the trick can easily lead to a disaster… :slight_smile:

I learned skinnies with a six foot drop to my left. I have fallen off of that drop so much. I used to do really big drops like up to seven feet. Now I’m not scared of much trials wise. I was too pussy to do hops as high as I can until yesterday, I got over it and now I can hop like eight inches higher.

I’ve been addicted to adventure sports since I was a small kid. Fear is always there, moreso when you are older since you don’t heal as quickly. I’m basically a Muni rider and if you do a lot of Muni, after a couple years you can start firing down stuff that is pretty dangerous and could bust you up badly. At first I was aggressive but after a bunch of injuries I backed way off and got comfortable with a flatter learning curve. By being patient I learned that over time, stuff I once thought impossibe was indeed doable given more experience. In other words, I just kept trying harder and harder stuff by very small incriments, and only when I felt somewhat comfortable. One of the indicators that this system actually works is to keep returning to the same trails every thre or four months. Though your progress might seem slow, I find what used to seem hard or impossible is usually doable a few months later. Slow and steady.

That much said I just about broke my leg a few weeks ago up in Santa Barbara and currently have to wear a knee brace for another month and am limited to enduro stuff and riding skinnies till I can start dropping and thrashing again.


I don’t care much for reckless stunts, and I’m so much more impressed by Xavier Collos flow and creative riding than the videos by Shaun Johannesson :slight_smile:

i just built a sandwhich board and was scard of it breaking if i jumped off a bench on to it

i evently tryed it … and huess what it snapped in 3 pieces :d

bawk bawk… haha im a chicken

dont knock chickens i have some and they fight off cats dogs and jump off stuff they are not wimps

my friends favorite modo when anyones afraid is no fallls no ballls and it reminds people that if u went through your life fearing failer u woundnt get anywere

well i think that if your afraid that you will get hurt and never do it…you will never be able 2 do it…my lilttle brother tried 2 learn how 2 unicycle but hes 2 scared about letting go becouse hes not willing 2 fall 2 learn…i think its almost an impossiblity in most cases …that you cant learn do do any thing on a unicycle with out failing…and some times failing could mean you could get hurt…but if that stops you wont get very far…you have 2 ask your self is the juice worth the squeeze…like when i broke my ancle recentally…i was riding my brand new giraffe unicycle…learning how 2 controll it and getting used 2 it when i fell and broke my ancle…but i think that it was worth it …now when i heal i will…learn from my mistakes…

so basically fear is a factor of unicycling its how you let that fear affect your determination when somthing is wrong.

ps. what i said is with normal unicycling stuff not like wheel walking across a busy highway or hopping off a over pass onto a moving buss …now i dont think i would do that

Let me second that.

I have never been a risk taker. As a result, it takes me a long time to learn new skills. I have to work up to them really gradually. Now, at my age, I am even more cautious and so it takes me a really, really long time to learn skills.