The faces of NAUCC 2006

By popular demand…

…here is the place to post a favorite picture of yourself so everyone will know who you are when you arrive at NAUCC in Memphis.

I will start with a photo of our fearless leader, Tommy Thompson. The picture was taken yesterday while we were doing a unicycle demonstration in West Memphis, Arkansas. Tommy is doing the organizing for NAUCC in Memphis.


Here is me. This photo was also taken during our unicycle demo in West Memphis, Arkansas. I was holding up my Summit so the crowd could see what a Trials unicycle looked like.



Here are me and my three:

Abby is the shorter one.

me but i have longer hair now and look relatively homeless. straight up.


I’m the one in all Black. Second from the left.

ol’ Brian

Paul, Myself (Pete) and Alex last autumn.


Bug makes it easy for me.

That’s me in orange at the far left, next to the Bugman. My daughter Ellen is kneeling in blue. Other daughter Sarah kneeling in red.

Wow. Bugman looks like a unicycling ninja assassin!

that person who took the pic is soooo goood


This is what I look like but all you have to do is look for the uni that looks like a giraffe to find me!


I was inspired by bugman…


I didnt have a good Uni picture, but here is one of me and my wife. You will see me hanging around this weekend.

Here is what I look like in spandex :slight_smile:




Here is the only rather bad picture… of me I already had on the computer…


I still love you even if you forgot the picture

tumblebug been fishin

No unicycle pictures yet, 'will leave the fish at home.


Very funny, Steve…

Tyler, that’s just wrong. And it hurt my eyes. :astonished:

Wow, flashbacks. My hair was almost that long once.