the even li'ler red unicycle

i made this baby out of an old tricycle. i figured it had to many wheels so i made it into a lil uni for my moms daycare kids to learn to ride on. imagine that! learnin to uni before they can b*ke!
anyone wanna take a guess as to how big the wheel is? ill measure it and the cranks later

peace out brown trout

the uni

little red uni.jpg

me with uni

little anna on the uni

little jaxxon on the uni (its pronounced jackson)

10" would be my guess, that is really cool and for such a genrous cause…


I’m guessing 8" wheel. that’s miiighty tiny, the smallest I’ve ever ridden is a 12".

DANGIT!! I was about to biuld one of those and show it off, oh well.

dont be discouraged, still build yours, and make it cooler