The European MUni Trials Convention 2005

Hi everybody!!

The European MUni Trials Convention 2005, the best Muni Trials convention EVER!!

Please post here links to the galleries of the convention you know.

If you whant to upload your pics to the unicyclist gallery just follow rhe link:

Thanks a lot to everyone!!

  Pepe, Monociclos.Com

Hey Pepe,

Unfortunatly I didnt get to speak to you, Yoggi pointed you out to me though!

I havnt had time to upload my pics yet. I’ll post up as soon as I do.

And yes, it was awesome!
Cant wait to see everyones pictures, and videos :slight_smile:



Wow what an event. I can not wait so see the videos and pictures.

Even the last day moving the pallets out of the hall was fun. Although my arms are still sore!


Nice pics, did anyone get a shot at the “Large Marge” Koxx Muni in shop?


I took one now …




Mmmm, that’s the one. A real beauty!!

Thanks for all the picks and videos!!

Keep it going! I have the paul´s gala show on tape and the gala´s trials demo of KH Yoggi Collos and Dave.

I´ll try to upload it as soon as possible.

Now… all of you, go to the gallery and upload more pics, I know you have more!!

Haw haw haw…

Re: The European MUni Trials Convention 2005

On Sat, 30 Jul 2005 08:18:01 -0500, “monociclos” wrote:

>Thanks for all the picks and videos!!

Does that refer to the one gallery at


All of that seems to be trials. Are there any MUni pics and/or vids?

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Re: Re: The European MUni Trials Convention 2005

Although there was some fun Muni in a small forest nearby, this wasn’t really a Muni convention- much more trials.

As a trials convention it was fantastic and certainly the biggest trials event yet in the history of our sport (205 registered riders, 75 riders in the trials comp). Competetively this event is most certainly the first real European unitrials championships. Aside from the main trials event, the organizers also held a really cool speedtrials event consisting of 4 identical sections, fairly moderate in difficulty (easy enough that beginners could do it; hard enough that the best riders could ride it fast).

For anyone that’s interested I added photos of the trials comp sections to the sections library at (at the end of the 2nd page and 3rd page).

Hopefully the huge indoor trials facility will become part of a permanent unitrials/skateboard/bmx facility in Denmark; at least that’s the stated goal of the organizers.

Another difference was that the highjump competition involved hopping onto pallets, instead of over a bar. I think that a lot of people really liked this, because it is much more realistic to trials than hopping over a bar. The setup was to have entire pallets, plus a 1/2 thickness pallet for smaller gradations. In my opinion this was a great idea that perhaps should be considered as an alternative to the normal high jump setup.

Kris Holm

That’s an incredible trials park! Thanks a lot for the photos everyone, it’s given me some fun ideas for lines. I love the one with the natural logs as bars of a ladder.

I think it’s really amazing that you’ve managed to get together such a brilliant park for trials unicycling. It’s twice as big as anything I’ve seen.


Hi Kris,

you have to post a picture of the pallet chain to get the 800 paletts out of the gym since we let you leave the chain to get your camera. :wink:



Some more photos from denmark.


Eventually got my pics up. Captions will be put up shortly.

I had over 400 pics, so I chose some of my favourite ones or ones which make me laugh.

Joes European Muni and Trails Convention Pics 2005

I’m useless at write ups, so Ill just tell you about my highlights.
Well, first of all it was the first time Id been on a plane (since I was one!) So that was cool in itself.
Unfortunatly on the first night (thursday) I fell off a cable drum and landed on my coxics, which hurt. That was a real pain, but tried to not let it spoil the convention (it was also my holiday!).
That ment I couldnt give it my 100% at the trials comp, which was ashame.

Just generally chilling with people from so many different countries was cool. Seeing Gilby again, and spending some drunken time with him and Germans, Danish and French around the camp fire. “I’m a monster” etc haha! Also having a beer and icecream (humm…) with Roger, Rocket and An-So. That was nice.

Others include coming 3rd on the speed trials in the town. That was great, and I must say I couldnt of done it without my team - Roger, Rocket and Gilby… for opening a new beer for me everytime I finished. Cheers, guys! :slight_smile:

After the speed trials, we got some beers from the petrol station, and headed down the beach. There was Yoggi, Ben and some other French guys, a couple of Germans (sorry I dont know your names!), Kris, Roger and myself. Me and Roger got another round of beers in, Yoggi went skinny dipping and after opening bottles of beer using metal pedals, there was talk of a new KH product, Watch this space!!! (you heard about it first here!!)

The Muni ride was cool. Very relaxing for myself. I didnt do much, infact nothing, as my coxic was still sore. I took the opitunity to take some cool pics, then sleep :slight_smile: Some pics came out ok, but my camera didnt wanna take good pics. Talking of which, the quality is unforunatly rather poor on my indoor trials pics :frowning:

Oooh, so many highlights. Watching the high jump comp, and then the long jump competition (by touchlight), was amusing, and very impressive. Congrats to the winners!

I met up with the only other English man there (bar me Roger and Rocket) - Tim. He was a fire juggler who had come across to do a show. Chilling with him and playing with fire was cool, and watch what people can do was impressive!

There was also the late night chill out sessions in the hall. This was basicly alot of beer, alot of foreign languages, and the occasional unicycle game. Even riding a uni ‘under the influence’ was hard enough. I have some pictures of dudes trying to ride giraffes over the see saw… some bigs falls too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Then there was the show. where do I start? It was great! I’ll let u have a look at the pics, but the last artist, who was a ‘body popper’ was just so funny. The pics didnt come out so well, as he was dancing so meen moves, moving slow mo etc - you really had to be there!

No doubt I’ve forgotten some bits, but i’ll post up if I remember :slight_smile:

I must say a huge thanks to everyone who helped organise it. It was great! Great venue, great weather (generally - apart from the trials day!) great company, and great food :slight_smile:

Cya next time!