The EUC09 Summer Edition Official Video

…is coming soon.

Teaser is available at:
Vimeo and


very pumped, sinco rules!

looks great can´t wait to see the full versoin :smiley:

wow :D:D:D:D:D :astonished:
I want to see the full version!!! :):):slight_smile:

hey tim you can see us in one of the shots :stuck_out_tongue:

How soon is soon? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m very excited for this.

That teaser was AMAZING :smiley:

oh i want to see that but i can only watch youtube at the moment

i got all exited wen i saw this thread so i opened and, to my disappointment, it was only the teaser:(
friggin awsome trailer tho!! cant wait for the full video

haha yes :smiley:

Freakin awesome edit

Thanks for the comments!
Sry Isaac, i thought it’d be a dumb idea to make another thread only for the teaser, so i’m gonna post the full video here too, hopefully within a few days.

oh yea thats fine. ill b keeping an eye out for the full video!! :smiley:

sick! im ready to see the whole thing

ok, it’s time to bump this thread as the video is done and available on the following links:

Download from UTV (.wmv)
sinco download (.wmv)
Download in .flv
Download in .mov

(short version of the video coming soon)

Also Olaf uploaded the photo galleries to the EUC site. Available here.


soo sick.

Loved the editing on the last of the flat battles. Great video all together.

awesome vid, i really liked it. good job on the edit, it was amazing !

WOOOO. sweet video! luved the editing and fancy camera work

sooo cool! i wish was there:p