The Essence of Riding- MUni and MTB

Hey guys

Please check this video that me and my mates made for school. It has Mtbing and Mountain unicycling :slight_smile:

Watch in HD for great quality!
Enjoy :slight_smile:

Filmed on GoPro HD and edited on IMovie on a Mac at school :smiley:

Feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

I really liked it :slight_smile: both the mtb and Muni. Jumps on the mtb were sick and the high boardwalk Muni was really good too. The shot where the sun is behind is really hard to see whats going on but thats a downside of filming with a gopro…you wouldnt of known that untill you got to a computer…unless you have an lcd backpack.

Overall really good :slight_smile: nice music choice too. Pendulum <3

Nice editing, great riding - a very enjoyable MTB/MUni video. Some of the falls in the end looked pretty painful.

Thanks :slight_smile: Im glad that you guys like it! Yea, I recently got an LCD bakpak, a couple of the MTB shots where done with it, it definatly helps filming alot. Yea, Pendulum is great music :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: Some of them were painful haha.

IMO the intro was a bit long.

Changing the filmer’s position to facing the hill and having less sky would help a lot. It looks like there’s a spot he/she could have stood just to your left @ 2:36, or at the bottom 2:48 and film up, but it would prob be hard to see the technicality of the section. This also prob could have been fixed in editing.