The Equinox has arrived!

Just saw the new Nimbus Equinox on the danish UDC site, and it looks so SWEET!!! :smiley: If I didn’t have a freestyle I would defenitly by that one! It just looks so good! the only bad thing I can find (by looking on the pictures) is that it only has 25,4mm seatpost instead of 27,2mm and looks like something that I broke on 10 minutes of riding :frowning: … But it comes with Grifter as a standard, wich I think is pretty awesome!
chek the link out if you haven’t seen it yet (;

Yeah, i just saw the equinox online… I bought the eclipse about 5 months ago because my old signature frame broke but i’m not 100% satisfied…
Does anyone has the equinox and can give an oppinion about it? What about to stand up tricks?

Thanks :wink:

What don’t you like about the eclipse? The equinox looks like the same frame with 100mm bearing spacing.