The Enlightenment of a Middle Aged MUni Fellow

Been trying to get out and ride better! MUni is a workout … those uphills get me panting. Man! I am glad that I take a good fall or two for my amusement and hopefully yours! Game to fall when your 50… thats feeling something real!
Been having such a fun pursuing this muni deal.
The first half are trails near my house and the second is my first time through Lebanon Hills advanced trail. It is a long windy trail with lots of rocks and logs to ride over and through. Learned a lot!

Cool video… keep 'em coming… you’re getting better quite quickly … for an old codger :smiley: (only kidding). You’re doing very well, I’m kinda jealous that you’re progressing so fast.

Not fast enough!! Off on a short ride now on some new trails that I discovered last night…