The end of the beginning

I did Stian a favour and posted this vid for him

I guess he wants you to comment :wink:

Nice vid.

I like that Fredrik still rides.

How do people put the shoe laces on the koxx seats? I could never figure out how you do it

Extremely cool video!
Love the fifthflip!!!
Where do you live because I am in 2 or 3 weeks to Norway on vacation travel.

make holes and then put the laces on;)

ok thanks!

we live in kristiansand :slight_smile: where are you going to? if it isn’t to far away we got to ride together that would be fun :roll_eyes:

I am so happy that i don´t find words for that fredrik still rides. he and collalto are my unicycle gods. (wish i could unicycle with fredrik some day)

Where are you coming to Norway? I wanna cycle with you :stuck_out_tongue:

does it just look better or is it good for something to have laces under your seat?

if you want to have a CF base in your Koxx saddle, you have to put the cover on the CF base and you fix it with the shoelaces :roll_eyes:

ok thanks

Fredrik was in it! That made my day!

Oskar is flowy, that didn´t made my day, but it´s fun anyway… :wink:

fifthflip was cool, i was bored the first 2 mins, but the it was very good

Ye im agree with Petter and Cristoffer. When do you come to Norway we would love to cycle with you :slight_smile:

And thanks for all the good respons :slight_smile: But i’m afraid Fredrik don’t will start cycling again he was just with us to cycle for fun :frowning:

Ofcourse I ride for fun but Fredrik have quited cycling i’m afraid:(

Justnes come back!! :(:frowning: