The end is nigh: I bought a b**e

That’s right!!

Actually, I’m a long time biker, rode BMX in the seventies, road bikes in the eighties, mtb and road for many, many years, including cross country tours in the US and Europe. I finally gave up road bikes ten years ago after a few too many close calls. I was riding SS 29ers until I discoverd unicycling in 2008, but after five years I’m ready to expand the quiver so to speak.

I ride unis because they are just so much fun, tandems because I can ride with my wife, and now bikes so I can get out into the mountains further and faster.

The bike I choose is a short chainstay 29er, it’s the “newest thing” in 29er frame geometry, makes the bike handle like it’s smaller wheeled brethren while running a slack front end to keep it from being twitchy.


I am thinking about getting my wife into mountain biking. Tried to get her to unicycle and she made some progress, but she just doesn’t seem to have the time to really learn.

The idea is to be able to allow us to get out on the trails together, me on my muni and her on her bike. She’s pretty short. My budget’s about $700 or $800.

Ben, there’s no need to stop unicycling to ride a bike! :slight_smile:

In the years I rode bmx, trial bikes, MTB, road bikes, recumbent and trikes.
I actually own a road bike, a fixed gear, a single speed and a slopestyle MTB, but I mostly use unicycles, simply beacuse they are so much fun compared to bikes!

If in the future I will get another bike, I think will be something like this, but for now all I want to get is a 36" and maybe a Surly 24x4 waiting for the new On-one tyre :roll_eyes:

Don’t give in to the dark side Ben - it’s all lies - They don’t really have cookies…

That two-wheeled thingie looks pretty cool, but aren’t those things complicated? I see them broken down on the side of the road a lot.

And what’s it for?

I am assuming Anton is referring to how much more civilized our forums tend to be compared to some of the bike ones out there. :slight_smile:

I have 5 bikes (road, fixie, mtb, trials, cross) and only four unicycles (20, 24, 26, 29), so the new hobby hasn’t even caught up with the old one…

Time to get a 36. :slight_smile:

Time to get a 36. :slight_smile:

I just need a 26 to complete my collection. If I ever did that though I’d probably get rid of my 24 and 29 and get a geard hub.

The next step? A 36er bike.

Seriously! Then they lied to me!! I was promised cookies AND milk :stuck_out_tongue:

I rode muni last night, just got out in time for an hour of riding sans lights, but sadly the no lights after work rides are coming to a close :frowning: