The end is nigh: I bought a b**e

Five years of unicycling, then I buy a Tandem in August, and a bike in November.

I know, I’m weak, it’d probably best to take myself out into the woods and end it all, but then my unis and bike would never get the attention they deserve.

On the bright side, it’s a sweet bike! :smiley:

Found a new 2013 on Ebay for 40% off retail, has better components than the 2014, but of course I’ll change parts over time…

What’s the point of this thread? To announce that you’re a fool? :wink:

If you haven’t been on a 29’r before you are really going to enjoy the ride. It is a little heavy for a HT but it’s set up for FR/AM with the gearing and chain retention and slack steering. What kind of trails you planning to use it on?

Don’t worry, it happens to us all…I’ve recently bought an ICE trike (tadpole). You can never have too many wheels to choose from.


too bad there are no cool bike forums and you gotta post here…

This should be in JC

I’ve thought of getting a new mtb. This uni & the Honzo were on my short list.

Where did u get it?

It’s in the title if you didn’t want to waste your unicycle forum time on bike talk.

Ebay, didn’t you read his post?

Considering how much positive input Nurse Ben has on this forum, I’m interested in pretty much anything he has to say, even about tandems and mtn bikes.

Hey Ben, now you can test twice as many tires and brakes at once!

So I guess you’ll have to come up with clever responses for " hey Ben, why the other wheel?"

Seriously though, bikes have their place. I can haul my MUni to the trails on the back of my Big Dummy. If I didn’t have the BD I might have to drive. I’d rather ride a bike even with the training wheel.

I’ve been wondering how a 32" rigid fork would do in one of those …

Short term memory loss :roll_eyes:

My commute is longer and hillier than I’m willing & able to uni (if it were flat, it’d take me an hour), so I usually ride my b*ke

So if “the end is nigh”, does this mean you’re done with uni’s? You’ll pull the metaphorical trigger and just end it?

If so, I’ll take care of your unis after you’re gone.

Nurse Ben,

Dibs on your Schlumpf! :slight_smile:

Wait, you don’t have a Schlumpf …


I timetrial on a tandem with our local cycle club. I have also done a triathlon on a tandem. Well seriously, who would trust me with handlebars and a front wheel?

Forget bikes.
Trikes are much more fun. :smiley:

“Well… As long as he’s on the back so can’t try turning the handles and crash his partner into a ditch…” Yep, I can definately see how that conversation went :smiley:

I agree with the posters who said 2-wheelers have their place, for now… I personally don’t have one because everywhere I ride to is at most 10 miles away, which is easily doable on a Uni, but if I were commuting 30 miles to work every morning I’d definately consider a bike!

That is, until Unicycle gearing technology gets to the point that I can Uni as fast as I can bike… That is when bikes will be completely irrelevant dreams

Anyone on a wheel or wheels is ok in my book, that is without an engine. I prefer unis cause they’re more fun but bikes are better for getting you longer distances in a more relaxed way without all the attention. It’s all about fun, excersising and leaving that grown up car behind. So lighten up:)

Without bikes, wouldn’t we have less access to equipment? I just bought a Pugsley fat bike. Real fun. Not giving up the unis though.