The Edge


After an uneventful ride in Kendal, which I was hoping to take loads of video footage of, Aaron and myself had a play on his trials course in his field. This is the Cumbria Muni and Trials Clubs course, which I call The Edge (:p), which will be added too, including ‘North Shore’ style courses.

The video I have put together is a few clips of us doing stuff :slight_smile:
Thanks to Aaron, Simon and Aarons Grandma for having me over for 2 nights, and the use of the Onza after I snapped my seatpost in the middle of Kendal.

The Edge, 2Mins30, WMV:

The Edge - 6MB


Let me know what you think…


That’s a neat little course and some very impressive riding :slight_smile:

T’was most exellent. Oh, the credits were purty aswell.

damn…I forget now…there was this one line that was especially neat-o…

good job on the trials course!

Excellent vid Joe - luv the titles and in particular that large gap in the middle of the video. Looks a big one and Aaron thought his pb of 6ft whatever was good!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Dont go giving our ‘equipment’ collection such a grand title as a Trials Course but hopefully it will become one after our timber delivery and a little work. To which you are of course invited.


some of those “step up” gaps were nuts. good work. keep it up.

Nice setup, nice riding. And really nice gapping. Some big stuff there…

Nice vid! That is a rad trials course. Great riding!:smiley:

Man, that is one awesome playground you set up there. And you have some real skill with gapping. niice video!!

Man, I ned to get me a setup that sweet. Talk about one of the best trials setups I have seen…

Good riding, Good music, great setup!

Thanks guys.

Its really great to think that little me can unicycle, and so many people all over the world can give me so much enouragment!

Thanks again…
And i look forward to making my next video… this is the first one I have made since the summer.



what was the music?

Pretty good…

You didnt set up the rocks,did you? were they already there?

The gaps were great,keep it up!

JP, the music is Kryptonite by Three Doors Down,

and Forrest, the rocks were delivered, and are yet to be positioned properly within the course, but they are good for now…


That’s a nice course and some quality riding.