the edge

my latest vid. from this morning (first riding, for lunch editing, now at work…)

i tested my new vid setup, the vid is to long… the beginning is probably the best… whatever, enjoy:

HOLY F! those are some intense trails! Wouldnt want to make a wrong move there… I feel inspired, my muni is coming in the mail tmorrow


Getting vertigo just watching

Great vid! What is that trail called?

Your vids keep amazing me!

Holy Cow!
I’d have to think twice about walking down those trails. That’s insane!!!
Keep doing it!

VERY nice!

Great inspiring vid!
Wished that the mountains around here where just as big as yours!:smiley:
Cam-mount is inventive!! thanks for the idea!
Impressive speedjumps!!!

Turtle you are insane !! :slight_smile: Those vertical drop-offs are just mad. Nice one !!

:astonished: You are crazy turtle! Just amazing and wonderful scenery. Great riding as usual.

No, not crazy. I had the pleasure to see turtle live last weekend, and he’s just so damn good that it is no longer crazy for him.

The scenery makes me jealous. 3 days were just too short :frowning:


Awesome vid. It was over the top!!! Thanks for posting it.

That’s a great setup you have for your vid camera.

Rocking tunes!

Looks totally ride-able except HOLY SH$&!!! that drop off makes my legs tingle just watching. How many unis have you lost off that thing?

Sh********t, that looked crazy with the drop to the side. The mount was cool, and I loved how the scenery changed like 6 times throughout the whole video.

I really like the camera position it works very well when the massive drop off is on your right.Turtles rule.


We rode down the trail in the second half of the video during “Elsbet” and the unis loved to fall down there. Since it was not vertical you could climb it down and up again but it was really exhausting. Fortunately mine fell only once but I know of someone who had to rescue his uni three times :smiley:

thanks for all the comments!

and like fromthewoods said in the lower part you’ve to lost your uni at least once the first time you ride it, otherwise you didn’t ride hard enough :wink:

at the upper part i’m very careful…so never lost an uni :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome vid. Did the camera not hit the inside wall at any point? It looks to hang out a long way…

mannn this is crazy… the best part and the scariest too is at 0:42 when you look down and see the end of the mountain

Nice video

thats totally crazy man… great stuff

no, but it was close… :o

yesterday i made a new mount setup, now i can adjust the length, different angles, i can it also use as a normal tripod (with hight adjustible) or even as a ucc (cable cam)… cost me around 10$