The eagle has landed...

Cool! Great job one4all!!! I’m sitting here by the fire, in the middle of the Desert (Negev trip with friends, no Muni for me today :frowning: ), and it was great to see you doing so well with the mounts…
Just one thing, I noticed that you enshure horizontal pedals state before every mount. IMHO you should try to ignore that and just mount the beast.,. The pedals will come to their place as soon as you will put your feet on them. I’m aware that at first its a bit intimidating, but it make the mount more simple. Good luck and keep posting…

Have fun,

Thanks for the tip UV, I will try doing that in the next practice.
Have fun in the Kumzitz :slight_smile:

One4all: your mounts look great!

I believe the key to riding a 36er with handlebars is in accounting for the change in balance. You must pull your hips back slightly when you hold the grips and push your head and shoulders forward.

If you do not adjust with hips and shoulders then it makes you feel as though you are out of control when you grab the handlebars because you are locking your hips. Your hips must be free to rotate. You should feel as if you are pulling the grips back into your stomach ever so slightly as you pump the pedals.

Let me know if you would like me to make a video for you. I am not an expert but this method works for me.

Thanks @foundwood, I will give it a try and see how it goes.