The dream is always the same...

I’m cruising through Zilker Park on Grendel, smiling at the pretty girls and
playing with the dogs, when I come across some picnic benches. I hop up
onto a table then backflip to the ground -

And wake up. It’s not as purely terrifying as it was the first time or two,
but it’s still enough to snap awake no matter the time.

Success is goals.
–Lloyd Conant

That’s an awsome dream. What did the backflip feel like? How did you do it?


I would right away recommend that you start smiling at the dogs and hopefully the pretty girl part will take care of itself. Otherwise this seems somehow inverted. Maybe you can skip the backflip altogether after this first change.


Funny, just yesterday I was riding my MUni giraffe down at the marina and someone asked me to do a flip off of the giraffe. My reply to him was “It’s just NEVER ENOUGH, is it ?”

I believe that re-occuring dreams are messages for yourself to interpret. What does the dream mean to you?

In the late 1980’s I used to guite alot in Topanga Cyn. Around that time I had one of those flying dreams . You know the type where you’re 8-10 ft off the ground. The dream seemed too real to be a dream. I was moving along in the dream on trails I had ridden many times until I noticed that I was much higher above the trail than NORMAL. When I looked down, there were no handle bars. I awakened immediately, but that was not the last time I had that dream. Each time, the dream seemed so real. It wasn’t until about 10 years later that the dream made sense. I was not riding a bike, I was riding a MUni giraffe !

Here is a quote from Thomas Jefferson:
“We sometimes from dreams pick up some hint worth improving by reflection”.

Re: The dream is always the same…

Hey Scott,
I take it you live in Austin? I’m in San Antonio, we should get together for a MUni ride sometime!!!