The drawing of standart handlebar

hello, guys. I’m going to make a handmade handlebar, I need an information drawing of a standard bar. Maybe, anybody have a drowing of KH or QX factory handlebar.
The main info is a position of the bar. In front of saddle or a bit higher (B)? Far or not (С)? The angle of barends (A)?
I have 29" uni with KH fr saddle, if it matters.
p.s. Sorry for my bad english lol

There is no standard position. Everybody does this his own way. There is a huge variety, just look at the google image search.

Those figures can be whatever you want, it varies what people find comfortable.

Thanks, that’s comforting to hear, because I’ve always thought that I’ve been doing it wrong.So I got rid of it:p:D

To expand on what has beens said:

Most handlebars have adjustment to accommodate different riders preferences. From what you’ve posted it sounds like you don’t really know what your preferred position will be, so I suggest building it with at least length adjustment if not height as well. Once you know what you like then a single piece bar that is dialed in would be lighter, and stronger possibly than an adjustable version.

I’ve understood, only personal expirience. Sad, that i can’t test different handlebars, couse in my town nobody have uni with bar. So, i’ll make some kind of experimental device at first. Thanx.