the double crankflip...

yes i am talking to you guys.

brian, shaun, mike and the others

who done it first?

has anyone done it?

im gonna give it a go. see what happens tonight

good luck. don’t die.

i couldnt do it tonight… got close though.

instead… the first 3 people who post after this one and wanna see another little video a threw together tonight… get to see it.

I wanna see it!



I wanna see it too!

Number 2

I think you’ll find that’s number 3

Only just beat you there!


(Edit: show us the video then!)

PM or post up your emails here…

very unlucky for the people sleeping…

but i wanna keep this stuff underground…

Downloaded and watched it.

Very very very excellent, man!

I’ve never seen stuff like that!

Can’t wait to get your dvd now, I might just get it delivered, save waiting.

Good work that man!


Can you send it to me Alex?


Me too!

i belive brian landed one once, i might be wrong though.

Nope never landed one. I cant get anything pased a 360 backwards but forwards ive gotten close to a 1.5. Mike I think is kinda close to them but you will have to ask him.


its probably gotta be down a drop.

i just reckon 360s dont look very good because they are so quick. mine are anyways.

mike, tell me you’ve done one already…

Yeah, the first day at Toque (Thursday, so the day before Toque), it looked like he was getting really close on my uni. He said he liked my uni for them cause with no q-factor in/on the cranks they were easier or something. And if you’re worried about 360’s looking quick, these things are ridiculously fast.


PS, I don’t think I saw him land one but he was close and i wasn’t around the whole time. Also, Tomsey could you send that vid to KC to put in that gallery or try sending it to me? darchibald_4(@) Thanks.

PPS, Also my seat is high for street so if it was lower it probably would have been easier.

PPPS, Also Evan I’ve either seen vid or in person everyone else do a crankflip but I haven’t seen you. Thats a pretty have call to make for a kid with a broken leg and who has only been riding 5 months. You’ve made some other claims like that too. All these other guys have backed there claims up with vid, so no offence, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

yeah they are way easier when your cranks arent bent or your wheel is true

Dude unless im reading what you said wrong you are replying to evan sayin “Me too!”, correct if im wrong. But i beleive he said me too becuase he also wanted to see the video… :slight_smile:


You probably missed my multiple edits haha.


Edit: Whoops, he said it in another thread but it still applies. Were you at Toque with the blue summit and red shoes? Do you know that guy?

I’ve seen evan do one in one of his movies.

And Tomsey, that is a sweet movie! You always do a really nice job editing…and riding of course.


I think you are thinking of revs. I havent seen any crankflips in evans movies.

spencer is corect, i have not filmed any crank spins, i was only able to do them 2 weeks before my leg was broken, i didnt think of filming them.

2 people saw me do em though.