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So today 2 weeks after I bought it I broke my Sun :angry: ! I folded the seatpost in half, and even though they tryed to straighten it at the shop, there was only so much they could do and its still badly bent. I guess I could buy a new seatpost, but I was planning on getting a new Uni by the end of the month anyway.

Now for the question:

I was originally set on getting a trials uni, but now I am considering a muni because of the strength. I will have about $200 U.S. and I was considering the Nimbus Trials for $169, that way I could afford a good set of pedals along with it. Now I am thinking that may not be strong enough, and I started looking at entry level 24in. munis because of their strength. I am 5’10" and 225lbs, would I be better off with the muni or the trials?

well, the rim on the trials is typically stronger, but its the strength of the hub and crankset I would be worried about if I was you. the entry level munis are typically not designed for drops, and most can handle drops of about 10 inches, and that is only for riders weighing 165 pounds or less. I would go for the nimbus trials, or save for a little while longer and get a better one. Butif you are impatient like me, get the nimbus, and run the tire on higher pressure (not too high, mind you, unless you are the next Kris Holm!) than you normally would a trials tire. that should hold up just fine for you until you get into the bigger and more technical stuff.

If you have the money, i would spend it to get a high quality trials such as onza or KH…you wont regret it, but what you will regret is buying a cheaper one and eventually either breaking it or wanting to move onto something better like the KH and spend the money anyway…your choice i guess.

Look at it this way, i was buying a muni and originally going to buy a Nimbus, then somehow i started thinking and ended up spending about $700 on my muni. And i feel it was well worth it, im very happy. Goodluck.

Is the rest of the uni OK? If its just a broken seat post get the Sun up and running. A functional unicycle is better than no unicycle.

How did you fold the seat post?

As for your next uni, sounds like your headed for drops and trials. Save up for splined hub and cranks.

I’m 5’10 and 180. I use a Torker DX 20 as a heavy-duty freestyle and regularly do 2 foot drops. The spokes creak but its holding up well. I bent cranks on lesser drops with the square taper hubs.

I like my trials better for drops though, softer landing.

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I broke it when I tried to raise it and realized it had dents in the lower (non-exposed) part, it bent there. I can still ride it because we re-straightened it, but its not very good. There may be a tiny chance I could move up to the yuni trials, but if I dont order a new uni by the end of the month I will have to wait a month and a half of summer school. :angry:

Re: The Defining Question

“concretewave” <> writes:

> I broke it when I tried to raise it and realized it had dents in the
> lower (non-exposed) part, it bent there.

The dents are caused by the low quality seatpost clamp. Don’t waste
your money on a new seatpost without also replacing the clamp (which
can be removed by grinding off the welds). Decent clamps cost US$5 at


The way i see it is that Suns are good for learning to ride on. But as soon as I good do tricks I got a new uni of of

I’m a little over 5ft and 104lb. I use a united 20’’ muni.

If I remember correctly, the Nimbus and Yuni are very similar. In fact, I think the Nimbus is better then the Yuni has the Suz hub and the Nimbus has the new hardened hub.

Another option is looking at the Torker DX. If you need a wider frame to accommodate a wider tire, Yuni frames are cheap. The Torker has the advantage of having a better hub/crank set. It also has the disadvantage of a weaker rim. Personally, I think the hub and cranks are more important.

Then again, you could always just spring for a KH and not have to worry about it for a very long time.


What makes you think munis are stronger than trials?

Munis are heavier and they look beefier. If I can snag some odd jobs and maybe sell a few old things I may have enough for an ONZA in time. That thing looks amazing and beefy as hell is it as good as the KH, Is it worth getting?

Which unicycle?

Hey, concretewave! Welcome to the forum.

This almost hurts me to tell you, but based on your history and size, I can almost guarantee that you’ll soon have trouble with any non-splined rig you get, including the Nimbus Muni.

If you just can’t wait, go ahead and get the Nimbus and start saving immediately for a KH hub and crank set, which you can lace in at a later date. But avoid drops if you don’t want bent cranks!:wink:

Yes, exactly, though i was trying to say that without mentioning your size/weight. Not that your heavier than average. But you have to remember that when it comes down to it your placing all your weight on a small amount of metal binds.

I am going to try and save up for the ONZA, it is one sweet looking uni, when I searched I found that it may be hard to find replacement parts for is this true?

What kind of riding are you planning on doing? If you’re planning on doing trials, get a trials uni. If you’re planning on doing MUni, get a MUni. …or do you ride street, freestyle or some hybrid of all of these?

For me, I have a trials uni which I hardly use just because it seems so slow! I think a trials uni is good for little other than trials + street. If you actually want to get anywhere, get something larger.

As for strength, I doing think a Muni is going to be appreciably stronger than a Trials uni of comparable quality.

Get the cycle that’s going to fit your style. If you plan on doing this a while, spend a few extra $$$. It’s totally worth it.

I’m not sure why so many people believe the Muni to be stronger than a trials. When broken down, a trials uni should be much stronger than the muni.

Lets see, All components such as hub/frame/cranks will be the exact same on comparable muni/trials cycles–so that is not an issue. So basically when it all comes down to it, its the tire. And physically speaking, the rim with the smaller circumfrence should be strong, not nearly as much room for warping or flat spots, its gonna be a much tighter more responsive wheel, and similar tire widths will also be usec.,…trials would win in a fight…

I just saw a post where a guy took a Torker DX and turned it into a trials UNI by using a DX32 rim and getting a new tire and some other stuff. It said this can be done for under 300. I have no wheel building experience, would this be to hard for me to do? I am thinking that it would be better to stick with a prebuilt uni, like the Nimbus, or another.

If youve never built a wheel and you dont know how, yes it would be difficult. And yoru wheel would probobly be crap. The thing about turning a torker into a trials is that the frame leaes very little clearance for alarge tire. So you would be unable to use a good large bouncy tire such as the luna etc… I’m not sure how this other guys tire turned out but if i were you id stick with your plan of onza.

that is a very nice trials for 300. Shipping will be a little mroe however.

that is really nice, how much would shipping be? Also how would I pay, could I still use a USPS money order.

Re: The Defining Question

“fluffinator007” <> writes:

> If youve never built a wheel and you dont know how, yes it would be
> difficult. And yoru wheel would probobly be crap.

I don’t think wheelbuilding is that difficult or mysterious, though it
takes several hours for a novice. I learned from a book and I’ve
never built a bad wheel. It is just a matter of being methodical and