the deathgrip handle changed my life

how well does the death grip fit on the gemcrest cf kh seat base? And do the sif handles work on the cf kh seat base?

My DeathGrip handles and CF bumpers are made with a “tough” resin system rather than a rigid resin such as is used in cf seat bases. This allows it take impacts, flex slightly when needed, and wear without splintering. All of these properties are counter to what you would find in most carbon fiber components which are made as thin, light, and rigid as possible. Same fibers, but completely different construction methods.

It will get beat up and scratched like any handle. If it cracks or becomes unsafe to use within 3 years I will replace it.

I have not checked the fit on the KH street saddle. If the same KH handle fits the new saddle, then the DG should also. If you intend to put a DG on a KH base that is already drilled to the KH pattern, I can drill the handle accordingly before shipping.

The DeathGrip will fit on a plastic KH base, or a Gemcrest KH style base. It will not fit up snugly to the upholstery due to the shallower depth of a KH base compared to a Miyata style or my DeRail bases.

The SIF-Grips will work on a KH style CF base. I sell the grips with 3M VHB (Very High Bond) foam tape for mounting them to the base. They do not fit as perfectly on the Gemcrest bases, and in some case might need to be heated to soften them and help them conform the the shape of the base. Mounting them with an epoxy paste adhesive rather than the mounting tape will solve any surface mismatch problem.

The DG handle will bring out the flex in a seat base not only because the handle is stiff, but because the comfortable shape allows you to pull harder without hand and wrist pain.

Thanks for the comments and questions. I am really behind on production right now, and want to catch up before taking any new orders. I intend for my products to be more available in the not-too-distant future, but for now I am kind of keeping a low profile while I get things set up. As always, thanks to everyone for being patient.


What are the sif grips made out of? and the heating process to make it fit the kh gemcrest base better…is that something that i could do on my own or do you do it before you ship it?

They are cast polyurethane, and it doesn’t take much heat to soften them. A heat gun is ideal, but even a hair dryer or careful use of a torch would do it. I could check the fit of them to the Gemcrest base I have here and adjust them if necessary, but that doesn’t mean they will fit your base perfectly. The edges of the Gemcrest bases are saw-cut and somewhat variable, and the side contours could even vary if they are made from multiple, non-identical molds. I am happy for people to combine my components with those from other manufacturers, but I can only gaurantee fit and function of my components when used together.


could you use a normal plastic KH bumper with the derail base?

You can if you use a 1/2" thick spacer under it. I have prototyped a simple spacer kit that allows mounting a KH handle and bumper to the DeRail base. It is cnc machined from PVC foam board and weighs almost nothing. I will try to get some made and get info on the website.

That being said, the KH bumper does not wrap far enough around to protect the seat base and cover at the widest point, is uncomfortable to grab, and does not fit up to the SIF-Grips.



What cover best fits the wallis derail base? I got meself a leather miyata and was wondering etc etc.
When will you be able to make bases?


ummmm, so … yeah?

The leather Gemcrest miyata style cover is a great fit and a very good quality cover. Actually, the Gemcrest covers from UDC have come in 2 or 3 different heights over the last few years, so I can’t be sure which one you have. I don’t think they have made any of the overly-tall ones for a while. The medium and low profile ones work good when used with the appropriate height of cushion.

I am making bases now to fill backlogged orders. I will start taking new orders in 2 weeks, for shipping in about 5-6 weeks from now. If I can step that up I will announce it in a thread here.


What cushon should I use? Is it posible to have gel?

The Wallis seat is really an integrated set up and if you spend a lot of time on the uni (especially the Muni) it’s well worth the investment to buy the whole enchilada if at all possible. Everything is match fit and once you get used to it, everything else feels second rate.