the deathgrip handle changed my life

Well you know how middle-aged men behave: they like enhancing their little Ferrari with any fancy feature they can lay their hand on :smiley:
Since I had problems with holding my seat handle I decided to order a “deathgrip” handle from Scott Wallis to modify my “trail gazelle” (a 29er with 114 cranks).
I am dumbfounded by the resulting modifications in my riding style. How come such a simple thing can make such a difference? Is “ergonomy” such a magic word? or is it a simple psychological advantage (like Dumbo’s feather)?
Nonetheless now I can grip my handle without wrist fatigue, I can grip my hanlde properly when rushing up a slope, and I am riding faster!
Still 10 magical modifications like that and I will finish in the 1000 first riders at the next 10km race :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks Scott!

how do you like it for hopping?

Oooh, a big wheel with small cranks…:slight_smile:

One day the Bacon Slicer may meet the Trail Gazelle… :astonished:

yeah i’m thinking of getting one of those. i tried one once and it was so much nicer than the cheap plastic handle that comes with all dx’s. xP

the handle on the DX seat is almost exactly the same as the ones that come on a KH. i dont see why it is very crappy either.

Kh handles are cool…

yeah the deathgrip is better but not for any style where you don’t want a huge handle. It’s like a carbon fiber molded reeder, too big.

No, its really not. The v grip is what you are thinking of. The deathgrip is roughly the same size as every other handle. I use it for trials.

Edit: Oh whatttt I didn’t know it was Spencer…too many screen names.

I am confused.

the only unicycle i have that has a handle is my giraffe for some stupid reason. …lol…trials on a giraffe…this thread makes me want a deathgrip for my CX

Yeah, I got sick of my old name…

I held up my KH handle next to Evan’s death grip and the deathgrip does look longer, not too much though.

Where do I find this Deathgrip? I’ve never heard of it before… at least, not on uni’s :smiley:

someone will post a link to scott wallis’s page. I on’t know it though. It’s a ergonomic CF handle.

muzzle, your link doesn’t work.

He left off an “l”

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Gazelle bacon is not bad: I am talking out of experience. My dad used to hunt gazelles to feed his hungry little bear cub (gosh if he were to do that now he will be hanged by conservationists:o ) Since he used just a “normal” hunting gun you can guess it required real skills to do that and thus I have got strange hunting stories to tell to my grand-children.
Mike you are influencing me: this morning I just ordered shorter cranks :roll_eyes:

So, I just ordered a new KH 20" trials and would like to get a carbon fiber base with the death grip but have some questions first.

  1. How is the death grip for freestyle tricks? Does it get in the way for like 360’s, sib, sif, etc?

  2. How does it do for seat drag in front on cement or pavement? Does it wear away and cause the carbon fibers to get in your hands and stuff?

  3. Any other comments of suggestions I should know? Will it work for the new KH street saddles?

Thanks in advance!

Handles aren’t just for Trials. No, I think they’re for pretty much every type of riding except (some) Freestyle. Hockey players probably don’t need them either, depending how they hold the sticks. If they’re using both hands most of the time, no need for a handle. I know I’ve used the handle when playing basketball though.

Since a handle gets in the way for some Freestyle tricks, it’s in the way in general. Eventually I’ll have one of the newer, lower-profile KH seats on my Freestyle, with a bumper-not-handle on the front.

I love my Wallis handle on my Wilder though!

Jamey, I wouldn’t recommend a Deathgrip for Freestyle. Though it’s not pointy, you will probably find it gets in the way for 360s just like any other handle. Though it holds up to lots of really hard drops, I wouldn’t want to drag my carbon handle on pavement on purpose, that’s just not what it’s made for! Mine sticks out about the same amount as a KH handle, maybe a bit more.

I’ve always have had a miyata handle on all of my freestyle uni’s and they have never gotten in the way for any freestyle tricks (either that or I just got used to it and made it work and didn’t notice it). So if it’s similar to the miyata handle then I don’t think it’d bother me. And this is for my new KH 20" trials/street uni not my freestyle one, but I’m planning on mixing in some freestyle tricks while doing street/trials. Like doing seat drag on a ledge or down stairs, 360 uni spin on something or down something, hand ww feet out on a ledge, pedal with hands, etc.

Since I’ll be doing tons of hopping and I liked the feel of the deathgrip, that is what I’m considering getting. I just want to make sure that it’s not going to get in the way for some tricks and/or go bad by seat dragging or bounce seat. I guess I could always do a 180 and seat drag/bounce with the rear bumper? If I did seat drag with it, would the carbon fibers come out and get all over my hands, cause that would not be cool?

Scott was nice enough to bring a Deathgrip to CMW for me, and I’m very happy with the way it works. There’s a lot to be said for ergonomics–the slight adjustment this handle makes to my wrist’s angle has done a lot to reduce the pain I felt since switching from a reeder (too bulky, but very comfy) to a regular KH.

The only downside I can see is that the thing is so stiff, it makes very evident the flex in my normal KH seatbase. I never noticed that flex before. I guess a CF seatbase would take care of it, but I’m not ready for that upgrade yet.

Overall, the handle is definitely worth the money. Plus, that carbon fiber look … I get all Homer-Simpson-drooling-over-donuts every time I look at it!