the "death" of Muni...

The message isn’t clear because you’re saying two completely different things, one of which is ridiculous. “There aren’t many videos of people doing MUni things bigger than Kris did years ago” is a defensible and perhaps reasonable statement. “MUni is dead” is a ridiculous statement. As long as you keep making ridiculous statements which aren’t really aligned with what you’re trying to communicate, the message will not be clear.

I agree, just because its not always there and making itself seen, doesn’t mean its dead. I’m not always on the forums, yet I am still alive!

(quote stolen from another thread)

To expound on what Kris posted, you have to define what you mean by “style” and “progress” before you claim it’s not happening… 'cause there have been some developments in muni over the last several years, even though there isn’t much videographic evidence.

For example, new “muni styles” have been developed, such as the SoCal guys’ “tractoring” (think rolling trials) or the “brake assisted coasting” we’ve been seeing from a few riders here in NorCal. I’ve even seen street riders break out some impressive tricks on technical singletrack… although I wouldn’t call it a new muni style as I doubt these riders get on a muni trail more than once or twice a year.

As to progress, what are your criteria? Do you want to see more tricks from riders? Riding more continuously steep terrain? Bigger drops? Faster rides? We’re going to hit some limits very quick, if Kris hasn’t already. One can only drop so far, or ride something so steep, until we end up with broken riders. Despite this fact, with the advent of the KH/Schlumpf muni hub, we’re just starting to see what is possible with geared muni…

You’re definitely poking a hornet’s nest here, Justin… what exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Awright, another one!

Say, this isn’t like golf, where if you get a hole in one you have to buy everyone a beer is it?


With all your threads, all the build up, all the months of promising a new video that will push the sport of MUni into new, uncharted territory and, with all the attendant expectations, I’m confident that it will live up to all the hype!

I know that it will be something so new, so fresh and original that it will be THE MUni video of the century!
We’re all waiting to be blown away! :D:)

In order to talk about different styles of unicycling, it’s easier to have agreed upon definitions.

I started a new thread to hopefully help do that without cluttering up this thread.

Please help myself and others understand the different types of unicycling.
As an incentive, I’m giving away a free 24" KH '10 muni to the first poster.
Oh wait… that’s me! OMG! I’ve never won anything before in my life! Sweet! :smiley:

Give me a mountain, and I will be happy to push MUni :smiley:
although to be fair, that’s because my trials and road are both broken… Lol.

yeah sam, I would too! living in the flattest part of the country isnt great for muni :frowning:

Lol, my god the U.K. sucks… I can’t even attempt to get better at trials, because our country is full of do-gooders who shout at you for even looking at that wall of their’s you are tempted to ride…

yes, we have had people walk up to us and tell us to get of public pins because its “theirs”, that is why i love muni, I can go out and not see anyone for most of the day, often on my own i cant record, but i still push myself

The most boring thing about a lot of mtb videos = the way they just jump stuff and do x-ups all the time. The best thing is when they are riding great / impossible trails, and doing it well, with a flowing style.

I think that’s where Kris’s video is so great - just how flowing it is, how fast and well he just rides everything like it was an easy trail.

If by ‘muni’ you mean doing street style crankflips / shifties etc. but off road on challenging terrain, that is all fun and nice, and I’m sure some people, particularly trials riders, are really into that, but not what riding is about for a lot of us riders - tricks are a laugh okay, but they just seem to disrupt the flow of the riding.


See thats where I’d love to be different. I would love to see Muni with all the technical stuff in it, and flowing from one to another as fast as possible, but with tricks mixed in. My friend does a lot of dirt jumping and trying different tricks and that in unicycling in my view would be great. Maybe this is part of the reason muni is seen to be at a standstill at development… we avoid being different, and being different is one of the thing i find great about unicycling.

I guess what I said was more of a personal thing that applies for many people like me.

I interpret the way you’re talking to me as patronizing, and I don’t like it.:slight_smile:

I’m sorry if you find it patronising. That was not intended.

I will be taking a break from the forum for a while.

This is where Muni has gone for me. Not dead, just elsewhere.

Nevermind. billnye pointed out this page with a bunch of unicycling styles:

Good enough for me.

Wow! An explosion of posts about “muni is dead”. I know that MUni is not dead, so Justin’s message is unclear at the get-go. So what does he really mean? It’s hard to get, even after all these posts:

You said it first…

Both of those statements are from your original post. I am confused.

(OFF TOPIC) No, I want to be a part of it. Being apart means not being a part; being separate. I wouldn’t bring this up but you kept using that word over and over…

Okay. More about the real-world MUni scene farther down…

They definitely have a major impact. But televised video has a much, much bigger impact. Like it did for you with Ripley’s Believe it or Not. People don’t get into unicycling by watching YouTube videos, they look at YouTube videos after they get interested in unicycling. They get interested in unicycling by seeing it, or hearing about it in the mainstream media (or by actually seeing people ride, but there’s still a lot less of that). Not just TV, but newspaper and magazine coverage is one of the biggest generators of new riders.

And what do the journalists usually want to do stories about? MUni. No one has ever come to me wanting to do a story about Street, Trials or Flatland unicycling. Ever. “Extreme Unicycling” yes, and they often like pictures I’ll show them of those disciplines. But the articles almost always end up being primarily about the very un-dead MUni.

I think that’s mostly as a result of Kris getting married. :smiley: Yes, it’s only my theory but the timeline fits. There is only one Kris Holm. There are riders who can do bits and pieces of what Kris does/did, but so far nobody is the whole package. MUni didn’t die because Kris has a day job (and makes awesome unicycles). Consider him a huge spike in the progression of MUni.

Like Kris, there was only one George Peck. He had a lot to do with the rise of MUni, and this was in a very big way due to his video. Even though it was not online.

Ah, a glimmer of what Justin really means! Okay, now we have something more to work with. Justin is saying “ride like this, and film it for us to watch online!” Always a good idea. I’m all for it. But as we all know it’s harder to combine the necessary elements to do compelling MUni videos, and the terrain is less available, so there will always be less people doing it than doing the much simpler Trials/Street/Flat videos.

Those disciplines are still in a pretty explosive growth stage, mostly because they are younger. Also because they have more room for variety and creativity of what you do. Not that you can’t be creative if you mix tricks and/or obstacles in with a MUni ride.

What, making videos? Not everyone is into that. Riding the way you’d like us to ride? Not everyone’s into that either. We all ride for various reasons. But we ride just fine. Our sport is not dead. In fact I think it helps keep me alive.

Oops. Me too I guess.

BTW, MUni is not dead.

If you find that annoying to keep hearing, consider why we’re saying it. Not just because it isn’t dead, but because we like MUni and are compelled to speak well of it. Maybe “dead” was the wrong choice of words?

Sorry, I missed the part where a single person said that. Mostly they’re saying it’s getting bigger whether we like it or not. And for those who think it isn’t getting bigger, that’s fine, it is anyway. For most of us bigger automatically makes it better because it increases the chance of having people to ride with. When the trails start getting crowded with unicyclists I’ll start to worry. I don’t ride unicycles to stand out (at least not for the last 25 years or so).

Okay, more clear communication about what Justin really wants. Ride like this, and film it so Justin can watch it! :slight_smile: Okay, not just Justin but all of us online unicyclists. I’m all for that too.

Which old guys? And BTW, where do you draw your personal “old” line? If it wasn’t for us “old” people you might never have found out about MUni.


But let’s not play the age card. None of us got to pick when they were born. The fact that we got MUni off the ground and made it a popular subject for extreme sports videos and articles, all that’s in the past. Now we’re just old and it’s time for someone else to take it to the next level. I’m all for that too.

But MUni hasn’t been dead yet.

5-6 years? I think you’re talking about YouTube and other online video sources. Video has promoted MUni and brought tons of people into the sport for much longer than 5-6 years.

What we have now is the ability to search online and find interesting video about nearly everything we can think of! Including many sub-forms of unicycling. This is super-cool for those of us who know what to look for, but it still requires someone to be looking for it.

What an odd statement. MUni was essentially invented in the 80s. Not Street. Street couldn’t really gain traction until there were unicycles strong enough to make it possible. I think Street traces its roots to 1999 (maybe 1998?) with Dan Heaton. Even then Dan and Adam were bending cranks and breaking lots of cotterless axles.

I think you started it on the age thing (anyone who wants to read back can check for anyone before that). I’ve been riding 30 years. We are both entitled to our opinions. In these forums we can express them, and hopefully be open to the ideas of others, and to learning how to express ourselves better.

You started it again. I’m over 30 and have been riding MUni for 28 years. I’m fine with people kickstarting it into new areas, but why do they have to be under 30? And is that under 30 this year only? Should you maybe go by a certain birth year to avoid confusion? :angry:

It’s possible to have an opinion and be wrong. You repeat that there’s no progression even after people described what’s going on currently? Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. It also doesn’t mean it hasn’t been recorded on video but I don’t know if there are good examples of some of the newer stuff online. I’ve just seen it in real life.

And there you go again. Are you including basketball, hockey, Freestyle, Standard Skill and track racing in that “advancing” thing, or just those sub-areas of MUni?

Anyway, I seriously look forward to see the video you’ve been working on. The world needs more MUni videos even if MU is alive and well!

Everyone: If you’ve read all the way through this post, there must be something wrong with you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree here. I know I have had several people inspired to unicycle based on simply commuting to work on my uni, being in the newspaper, on tv, and most importantly talking to people. The internet has made unicycling and learning about it more accessible, but someone still needs to search for “unicycle”, “unicycling”, “extreme unicycling”, etc before finding videos or blogs about it. The interest needs to be sparked first.

For me, I have been pushing myself in muni and riding more because of pictures (not video). Pictures of AspenMike, Turtle, Kris, and everyone else riding in stunning or remote locations inspire me a lot more than videos.

Muni is about how far you’ve ridden and where you have been to ride. I think that is the point that everyone is making. It is kind of insulting to say that muni is not getting bigger and better when there have been massive accomplishments in our sport (once again I am going to point to the continental divide…seriously, this was a huge trip).

The only style that most riders care about is flowing fast down a trail. I don’t think that most riders here would want to do street tricks down a trail, I think I am with Tom here…I really don’t care for crankflips, especially while doing muni. I understand it adds difficulty to it and it may look good on video, but I don’t think that this is the only way to push the sport. I think the sport is being pushed quite a lot already with geared hubs and massive trips.

Who’s “we’re”? I’m pretty sure you’re the only the only person here who doesn’t want to see crankflips done in muni. Just because others want to do this doesn’t mean you have to. I don’t want to do crankflips when I muni, but I’d love to see others doing it.

In unicycling is the meaning of freeride different to other sports? Because in skiing freeride is usually combining freestyle with big mountain and in mountain biking it’s dirt jumping crossed with downhill.