the day Unibrier came to visit (photo's)

Unibrier came over yesterday to do some swappin with the #1 uni/horse trader yours truely.

he happened to bring a really nice camera so we went to a nearby school to show off.

my favorite shot is the uni-Yoga one but ive been dying to get a pic of my imfamous seat out back down stairs action.

as you can see im riding Unibriers Summit uni,i might have to get one.they are priced to sell and not very much heavier than the $911 now over a $1000 dollar KHpro 20 i sold awile ago.i also got to feel the ankle slashing effect of the kh cranks ta boot.(bonus!)

the rest of the photo’s are here.

everyone has got to try and mount a uni on a spinning Merry-Go-Round! it feels next to impossible.

you will also notice that my son knows exactly where to stand for maximum exposure to the one photo you can acually see him taking a pic with his own inviable camera. :roll_eyes:

Nice pics, guys. I particularly like the yoga on the Wyoming-South Dakota border. The seat in back stair riding is pretty amazing…nice work, jagur.

Your son is a natural! I like his casual, ho-hum wandering through frame after frame…his presence adds a classy artistic atmosphere to the photo shoot (not that you guys aren’t classy on your own! :wink: )


Visit to Jagur-Land

That was a lot of fun. Too bad I still had a 250 mile drive home, I would have liked to stay longer.

As you can see, I may have the really nice camera but jagur has the really nice riding. I wish I had gotten the WW on skinny shot.

Avenue is a great kid! (But he did try to steal my elbow pads to use as knee pads.)

oh yeah,Sofa i put on my camo hat just for you.

That seat-in-back down stairs riding is just plain [I]nasty[/I].

If it’s UniBrier’s Summit and UniBrier’s camera why do we see so few photos of UniBrier? And in the two there are, I’m not convinced it’s him. Who was really there?

Please keep posting all these great photos. It seems like you’ve been improving a lot lately…keep it up! That seat out stair ride is amazing. I’ve never seen that done before.


Edit - Is that uni yoga photo taken after a seat drag?

i was afaid to even touch that camera,it was so nice.he only let me touch it because Avenue was busy on the monkey bars,otherwise im sure he would have been asked to document the 1st ever ?Unibrier pinic drop…

truthfully though,i didnt know there were that many pictures taken at all,with a digy cam you can just squeeze’em off.the only time i knew he was taking them was on the stairs and the skinny thing…

no,you just ride with the seat out back,then with your other hand reach though your legs and grab the seat tube.

i had never heard of this move till Unibrier mentioned john C and sombody else doing that pic of me,im about to lose it but later that day i figured out how to ride around in that,lets say “compromised” position. :astonished:

Hey, Jagur, UniBrier is giving away our moves! Now all our plans for Nationals are finished :slight_smile:

I started doing this move last week. John and I went to a practice at North Bend and Mr. T had us ride while holding the seat out back by the seat post. Then later that night we went to UniBriar’s kingdom and I improvised the between the legs method since you could get your hand on the seat post directly. It is a little harder than around the side. Of course John perfected it first, and I later learned it helps to hold the post near the seat and keep the seat end against your butt. The goal should be closer to your avitar: holding way down on the post and away from the butt, hopefully squatting down as far as possible.

I recommend the maneuver for anyone needing to get a quick laugh from bystanders.

In case you want something else weird to try, check out more of UniBriar’s camera handywork: <>

I’m getting a lot better with this one. I was hoping it would help me do seat drag. It looks like you already got that one. How do you practice it?

Great photos, next time force UniBriar to actually mount and ride, and get some of him, and isn’t it about time you visited the Seattle Metro area?

well look at it this way,you guys gave me the Uni Yoga trick.i gave you the seat out back down stairs.get a ramp and stairs as a prop and pull that at the nationals.

as for the seat drag,i just hold it out back and drop it,theres no other way to practice that i know of.somtimes the seat bouncing off the ground is enough to throw me off so i get as low as i can before letting go.

i was reluctent to even touch Unibriers $900…? dollar camera.he forced :stuck_out_tongue: it on me to document his table drop.i do regret not getting more of him and me but we only had an hour and riding was tops.i wish we tryed out his camera video clip feature though,i only remembered him mentioning that after he was gone.

P.S.i’ll be close to Hood River next month on a family camping trip,thats about as close as i’ll get to King county…

I hope we can give you many more, but it is hard to believe there is anything truely original anymore. I really like the seat out back down the steps. Freestyle meets trials seems like a great mix.

i think so too,thats what i was trying most when i owned a KH20 pro.since the Summits are so cheap i might just buy one and start up the “FreeTrial” again.

when i sold the KH i was starting to practice wheel walking down stairs.its hard but possible.

the best thing going is the Summit/KH cranks are 140mm,the Profile 145’s shot alot of tricks all to hell.

when unibrier was here i did what ive wanted to do for a long time.i layed one of my Profile 145’s on top of a KH crank and it was in fact shorter.

Oops :o If I had known it was a secret I would have kept my mouth shut. I thought it was just a variation of JC’s arm between the legs holding front of seat in back. Now that’s nasty.

The funniest part of this one is Tom had just gotten his club uniform and forgot he was wearing the dork-hat.:smiley:

If I can trust it with my girls at the beach I can trust it with you. :roll_eyes: Today Abby was taking pictures of a couple Golden Retrievers at Richmond Beach, after I downloaded the pics to my computer I also discovered she captured a shot of the dog’s owner, a topless sunbather. She was so focused on the dog I don’t even think she noticed the rest of the story. Best not go to that part of the beach with the kids again.

I think I may regret some interesting JC pics of attempted Giraffe freemounts. :sunglasses:

That’s quite enough smilies for one post.

no the funniest part is that Yeaho in the background with the lasso…

do you guys have a game where you ride around real fast changing directions and he tries to rope one eh ya’ll?


Aw shucks, another secret reveiled. That’s how we get new members 'round here. Giddie yup!

UniBrier, I don’t think you have to worry about JC posting any pics, he is several months behind in that department…