The Day at the Docks

This afternoon I went over to my workplace after hours and did some playing around on the dock and also on another dock nearby where skater hang out.
This is a video of a few firsts for me: First big dock jump and first grinds.

You will no doubt note the conspicuous lack of body protection. Yup, it’s lacking and I know better. I do own a helmet, but I don’t have any shin guards…

cool one Ben, enjoyed it, especially the celebration UPD after the first successful dock jump! :slight_smile:

I’m not gonna get on you for not wearing body protection, but please tuck in your shoelaces. Watching them fly all over the place during the grinding clips was frightening. Maybe I’m just paranoid because I’ve fallen pretty hard due to my shoelaces getting caught, but it only takes two seconds and it can save you from a serious UPD.

And now I’ll stop being your mommy.

Great video. Nice job on the 360. I can do them on flat ground but there’s no way I could take them that big.

Hey … you got sac! I like seeing drops like that. That 360 was gutsy.
I know it is not cool but feller, get a helmet. Only takes one good head plant and your bleedin’, droolin’ and that ain’t no foolin’.
OK … ride your own ride.
Keep them coming.

Despite the theatrical appearance, it really was a UPD. :slight_smile:

They come untucked…

Thanks, but I can’t do them on flat. I need more time to get turned around.

About a month and a half ago.