The Dan Cowling Special

Freakin awesome vid! Creative riding, nice angles and nice editing. We need more videos like this!


I now see god in his true form lol
Love the grinds, especially the one with the backwards crank roll whilst grinding… Awesome!

hey this video is so good it motivates me to go for a ride ha!

DANG, nice tech and big grinds. 180 blunt, just wauw.

Wow, that was insane!!


180 blunt, round handrail back out, blunt to back out and all the innovative street was amazing.

Best street rider out there at the moment, to be honest.

I just realized something…

This video reminds me of Kevin McMullin. Which means it is crazy and insane.

I totally agree! Movies could be so much better if I had someone who could use a camera:p

Amazing video, I loved every bit. everything was solid, flowy, and perfect.

Man, you are great! I loved the ending too!

Really good video. The overall quality of this video is so much higher then almost everything else that is posted in here. Loved it.

all i can say is-


one of my new favs for videos.

Loved it.

Red Heads rule …
That was a kick-ass vid.
Terrific riding, fantastic editing. I even liked the song!
did you film and edit matty_porter? … if you did … you are very talented!


YEEEEEAH! ive been waiting for something like this to come out for soooo long.
see kids, backfoots rock the show.

Awesome. Best video is a long, long time. Awesome music, awesome edit, awesome riding.

finally some real street!
such a wonderful vid!

Sweet video…

Awesome riding Dan. I was kinda hoping you wouldn’t have gotten so much better since I last saw you but I’m not surprised :slight_smile:

Best street vid I’ve seen in a long time. So much flatland and flip trick mania around these days it’s nice to see smooth riding, big grinds and some serious style to go with the sweet tricks!

Catch you round,

Rob K

i liked it better the 3rd time because i saw more awesomeness