The cycle show - UK

Hey all!
Was just checking out when and where The cycle show is this year. Its from 5th to the 8th October 2006, but its only open the the public from 6th-8th.
Im considering going, although it doesn’t look like there are any unicycling companies there. Pashley are there but would they take a uni to a bike show?
Do you think Roger from UDC knows about it?

It would be good to get a load of unicyclists together and go. Anyone up for it?

Theres a trials competition!

Rock on!

I’ll be there, but on the Thursday or Friday.

Based on last year, there’ll be no unicycles on show, but it’s a good event.
However there may be a Surly Conundrum… you never know.

OOOO! If I go I shall keep an eye out! I want to have a look at that, looks interesting!

Rock on!