The COOLEST pics of 2005

I think this picture (that Harper posted on a separate thread) is probably [I]the coolest uni pic I’ve ever seen…[/I] and definitely appropriate to start a new thread of really cool unicycling pics for 2005!

Plus… I figured many of you may have missed this pic in the original thread Harper posted it under and I thought EVERYONE would want to see this one of Harper riding his uni at work!

By getting this thread started early we should have plenty of awesome pics by the end of the year! While they don’t have to live up to the extremely high precedent Harper set by posting the coolest pic ever… please reserve this thread for pics that are quite unique or interesting… not just run of the mill pics!


Harper uses that pic all the time. It’s from back in his younger days. Back when he was a truely sexy beast.:smiley: He didn’t have to show all that skin to impress back then,

Are you kidding? Harper is like a fine wine. He gets sexier as he ages. Harper is andalways will be the sexiest beast alive. I think he gets sexier every time I see him.


Hey Catboy, are you sure Harper wants you to be thinking of him as sexy?

His pic is cool. He is cool too, in his own unicycle way. I’ve met him, though I doubt he remembers, because I’m sort of normal.

Re: sexy?

Then you stood out, and he will defenitely remember you.:smiley:

and does this look like the kind of guy that would mind being thought of as sexy?

So at some point is this thread about the cooles pics of 2005 actually going to contain a picture FROM 2005, instead of ancient history?

Yeah the title of the thread does seem to imply that the pictures should actually be taken in 2005, which may not be the case for the Harper picture I posted… but I just recently saw the pic for my first time in a post from 2005… and it’s just such a freakin cool pic that I figured we could bend the rules just a bit to start the thread off with such an incredible image.

It would be great to see some other really cool pics… that were actually taken in 2005, though!

Re: Re: sexy?

Heck yes, its my wallpaper for my computer, and I have a large version printed out and in my room.


Here’s one of the cooler…photo by Unibrier.


Wow… that’s an awesome shot and an EXCELLENT addition to the collection! Thanks for posting it, Tom!

The van de Graaff photo is from Christmas Eve 2002. This one is from January

The world famous JC catching air over a logjam in Jan 2005

Wow, nice shot…was that a launch off the log or a hop from it?


life imitates fact

This worthy?

Definitely worthy! Cool pic… thanks for posting it!

It was a rolling hop from the ground to get to that point. Then a little bit more hopping to make it the rest of the way.

It’d be nice to be able to roll that stack of logs but it’s too uneven for me to manage that.

I almost forgot that we had a few days with snow this year. :slight_smile: It has been a bad year for snow here in Wasington state. We’ve seen very little of the white stuff.

The best part of that ride was ridding a skinny log and being able to see the Gazz track in the snow on top of the log. There was one point where I had only half my tire on the log and the track in the snow was my proof. :slight_smile: I should have gotten a picture of the tire track.

Not pictured in 2005. BTW, was there ever a winning caption selected in the caption contest that this pic featured in?

Klaas Bil

Great pic… looks like 2 oddfellows & 1 sexy girl! Am I hallucinating or do I see 4 Cokers for 3 riders?

Nice pic! I wonder which uni is jagur’s… I know it’s not the Coker!

Which event was that picture taken at?