the coolest frame ever?

built by tellurider, painted by me

It looks nice, are you going to paint the rim too?

what size is that ?

Bmx Fork, Ends cut off, Bent inward, Yuni holders welded on?

Lovely, but why? Nimbus I frames are dirt cheap.

I’m glad you like it. Nice color it looks great!

Close, Long stem Mt bike fork, straightened with torch, ends cut off Yuni bearing holders brazed on.

It’s a stronger frame made of cromolly steel and stiffer, and some people prefer a round crown.

Anthony…Sigh…This is a COOL frame…(plus its mine so its even cooler)

Heres the pic…

holy frame 002resized.jpg

View 2…

holy frame 003resized.jpg

Cheese grater :smiley:

Thats a good name for it, I should use that name, its got alot…Ugly Frame…SH frame…Holy frame…erector set frame

Ugly Frame is right! Steve has made some beautiful frames but that one is UGLY!!

Its not ugly, its freakin awesome!

Tellurider is ugly :stuck_out_tongue:

I think anthonys frame is ugly because it has that lip on it just above the crown


Here’s what the creator thinks and you can search sh ugly frame if you want more.

I know HE thinks its ugly, i like it thats why i got it.

I think its cool just ugly