The Complete Newbie's Guide To Koxx-One vs Kris Holm

I for one am tired of seeing the same posts over and over again. It seems that every few days we get someone asking if they should buy a Koxx-One or a Kris Holm unicycle. Without further ado:

Kris Holm:

  • One basic design available in 19" (trials), 24" and 29" sizes. If you are looking for a strong MUni in 29", you will probably want a Kris Holm 29".
  • ISIS splined cranks. Will not be compatable with all ISIS cranks.
  • Trials model is very slightly lighter than the Koxx-One devil trials unicycle. But this different is very small, less than a pound.
  • Simple look. Blue frame, black seatpost, silver cranks, blue hub. Saddle available in different sizes.
  • Strong splined interface between hub and cranks.
  • One carefully designed model with several years of development.


  • Available in many designs. More stylish than the Kris Holm.
  • ISIS splined cranks. Not compatable with many other cranks.
  • Available as a trials uni or street uni. The differance is in the cranks. They also make a 24" and a 26" MUni.
  • Strong crank to hub interface
  • Many different models and designs for different purposes.
  • Some of them look so hawt :) .

In my opinion, if you want a MUni, get a Kris Holm. If you want a trials or street uni, then get a Kris Holm or a Koxx-One depending on which price is right and which design you like more. Also remember that Koxx makes cranks with Q-Factor for street, Kris Holm does not.

In North America, the Koxx-One unis are available from Renegade Juggling and the Kris Holm is available from

So, there is my two cents. Now I want to hear yours. Please add to the guide in order to help new unicyclists make a well informed decision.

I think whether or not the koxx unis are more stylish is entirely dependant upon your tastes. Some people may prefer the more mature and clean styling of the KH unis.

One important difference between the two are their frames. The Kris Holm unicycle frames are all aluminum with knurling on the crown for grip while the Koxx are not, excluding the Koxx XTP which is priced considerably higher. Also, their stock tires, at the trials level the KH comes with the maxxis creepy crawler tire wheareas the Koxx trials unis come stock with the try-all sticky which has a tread pattern more suitable for natural trials but is said to wear quicker than the creepy crawler.

Kris Holm is also available from Bedford Unicycles,, and various other smaller outlets.

Koxx-One is also available from Trialsin and Division8

All within North America

Fixed that part for you.

Somewhat fixed

The KH cranks have a small Q-factor.

renegade too

A very important Issue in Favor of KH

I own a 24" Onza Muni. It is a great Unicycle but there is one thing that pisses me off about it. It has the same frame design as the K1. the design where the fork bars just end at the crown. I also own a KH and in all of the KH models the bars of the fork are bent in and welded in a nice seam. this have HUGE rammifications.

  1. It gives almost another 2 whole centimeters of clearance between the crown of the fork and the inside of your knees. This is very important when riding on harsh terrain or in trials and your body and Unicycle find themselves in various angles that defy logic.

  2. If your knee does hapen to bang into the crown of the KH, so what? It is banging into a nicely curved bar with a neatly welded seam. Not the sharp edge of bar as on the K1/Onza style frames.

I have attached the pictures of the KH and K1 crowns.




Good list! But the Koxx are also cheaper if you get em from Renegade. If your lookin for street and trials with big drops I would go for Koxx, and like Eriock said…they look so HAWT! the Kris is a plain looking design but very much endeed a good one. They have alot in common and are both GREAT unicycles. hence they are the KH and the K1 :wink:

You may be right on this with the 24" but for street this isn’t really a problem. I’ve never hit my legs on the crown of my koxx frame, and having a frame like that is also a lot easier on you feet for stand-up tricks.

I agree with that, I have the nimbus II frame and love it.

I would say that the biggest deciding thing between these is the frame material. I like steel so i’d go for the KoXX1.

But I like the KH hub better so i’d go custom.

Buy the quax or nimbus frame, both steel and both much cheaper then the koxx frame.

Any one know if the TRACK MONSTER KOXX ONE, 26” would accommodate a Large Marge rim? For that matter how about the KH 24 and 29? Thanks in advance…

I’ve seen a post here on the forums of someone fitting a LM rim in a KH 29er frame, although you should be careful with that because some versions have different clearance.

The KH 24 Definitely fits a Large Marge rim.

TOO SWEET! What is your wheel setup?:smiley:

i’m thinking of upgrading to either a kh or a k1 from a dx. one of the things i don’t like about the dx is that the bearings suck. it’s hard to crankflip and even when i’m on the ground and kicking my pedals i can only make them spin fast enough to land maybe 1.5 flips if in midair. i’ve noticed that no1 has talked about this aspect of the kh and k1 and i was wondering wich is better?

Will K1 cranks fit to KH hub?

i wouldnt do it.

dont try it, it will rip a hole in the space-time-contiuum(sp?0

they might be dont bother risking it. Just buy the moment cranks. They are a bit cheaper as well.

Thats an odd issue, maybe you should loosen the bearing holders.