!The collective IdIoTS guide to unispins!

only one foot will have the pedal coming towards it in any direction. its not like their both coming towards you when spinning counter clockwise. really its irrerrevant. find whagt works for you and unispinning is inevidable…in…in…inevidable. btw im not weird. team america reference…

really? have you seen a man eat his own head?

my leg armour (wow that sounds beefy) should be here on monday meaning i shall be able to overcome my fear and land a 180 and maybe even 360 unispin. i can get the spin for both and bring my feet down but i keep deliberately missing because subconsiously i fear loosing my shin skin.


Except for rolling 180s (and rolling 360s) I think it’s usually easier to spin clockwise (from left foot forward) so, then you can easily spin one handed from seat in.


I learned to unispin with metal pedals, and that’s what I ride with. Haven’t tried plastic pedals so couldn’t say if it’s easier or not. If I was gonna get plastic pedals I’d get the Twisted Odyssey ones, they’ve got the same platform design as the much touted Jim Cs (which I use).

don’t think it would be easier either with plastic to make the spin. What i’m wondering is it less of a chance I will hurt myself.

I can land my 180 unispins pretty well, but with 360’s i can’t really get close. I started by keeping my hands on the seat and doing a 360 mount. Thats easy, but then after watching the pro’s do it i realized they have both hands on one side of the seat and catch it while its spinning. Its probably that i’m too afraid to do this. but its hard as hell

Plastic or metal, there’s the potential to hit yourself in the shins pretty hard if you’re not wearing shin protection. A pedal in the shin shouldn’t count as “hurting yourself”, hurting yourself is when you physically can’t ride for the next few days. :astonished: So to answer your question, there’s almost zero chance that you’ll hurt yourself!

does anyone have any tips for rolling 180s? i can do 1 handed 180s and when i try them rolling i end up doing half a hickflip and not landing

ps. frame by frame analysys is coming…

For rolling 180s I go seat in, jump up off the pedals with the uni just slightly in the air, kick my feet out and spin the uni. Then try to land on the cranks first with your knees bent.

frame by frame analysys is here.! for 360 unispin. hope it helps
download powerpoint at http://www.filecrunch.com/file/~ga069n

hahaha look at the name of the file on the site!

For rolling 180 spins, I try to jump straight in the air rather than putting unequal force on one pedal, this should stop your pedals from “hicking”. Same goes for 360s.
As for hands on or hands off, I personally keep my hands on, even for 540s, so it’s really preference. I would recommend keeping hold of the handle as I think it gives more stablity when landing, but try this out for yourself. Also, something that none have mentioned, or I’ve not noticed, I try to land seat in, again even on 540s. This tends to make it easier to land on the pedals. I found when trying to land seat out I was too far back to land on the pedals.

It seems this is quite an important skill for alot of people, I like that as unispins have always had a special place in my heart, so I might try and get out and film a tutorial on a couple of things for you guys.


Nice!. I think my biggest problem is hand positioning. I’ve got to get better at 180’s first too. Very nice work on the powerpoint though it explains a lot of things. Theres one blank slide though lol

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Yeah I saw the name and went “what da?”

can someone post a tutorial on rolling 180 unispins or smallspins

i know u all posted how to but i like to just add this in lol

screw usin shoes and shin guard find the some bear traps put them on and well train urself to not mess up cause u wont forget the pain after smashing ur shins and landing wrong on those pedals a few times thats what i did to learn even tho i still suck at it oh and i did use shoes lol but my shines took a beating but i wont miss the landing and if i do i know to keep the uni miles away from me:D

u have plastic pedals dont you.

nope i road with bear traps i broke the plastic ones, took them off my old mountain bike, my legs were killed from them

Thx Jerrick, this helped ALOT. I finally landed a unispin after 3 days of practice.

Learning the 180 jump mount really helps.