!The collective IdIoTS guide to unispins!

alot of the questions that i hear on this forum are about unispins. everyone wants to do one and it seems that nobody knows how or nobody can be bothered to tell said people.

!!Fear not, small children!!. information is here…

unispin 07 catalogue.

  1. 180 unispin
  2. 360 unispin
  3. 540 unispin
  4. 720 unispin
  5. 900 unispin(anybody?)
  6. 180/180 unispin AKA varial
  7. Inward unispin(spin in opposite directions)
  8. smallspin
  9. 360/180 AKA bigspin
  10. Full varial AKA whippersnapper AKA 360 varial
  11. hickflip
  12. treyflip
  13. hickbackflips
  14. inwardflips
  15. varialflip
  16. varial backflip
  17. sex change flip
  18. donkey hick
  19. 1 footer 180 unispin
  20. unispins landing on tyre.

If anyone(shaun…) has tips or a guide to any of these tricks start posting. i will later but im tired now…time for beddie bies

The guide for most of the unispin tricks are the same, but spin faster. I too can’t really be bothered writting a detailed description, but I may do in the near future.


180 Unispin.

Well, lets start shall we?

(Do not attempt when wearing no shin guards, shoes, and when you in your room still awake at 5am.)

Step one:
Get your shin guards on, cause they will give you confidence, and protect you from getting painful 8 inch gashes on your legs.

Step two:
Get your uni.

Step Three:
Mount your uni. Get into your jumping position, mines left foot forward, right hand on saddle, then move to SIF.

Step Four:
Find your hand position. What is comfortable to you, and make it the easiest to rotate your uni with. I rotate my uni to the right, so my right hand, is on the handle, holding more on the left side, and my left hand is holding the back of the seat, on the right side.

Step Five:
Jump off your pedals, either bringing your feet out to the side, or straight up. Right as you do this, spin the uni 180 degrees. Land on the ground, don’t try to land it just yet. Just keep doing this to get used to jumping off and spinning the uni.

You may also learn to do no-footers, just to get used to jumping off, and landing back on the uni.

Step Six:
Now lets try and land this. You know how you hold your saddle, and how to spin it, you have your gear on, your used to jumping off the pedals and spinning the uni, so the next part is to land.

Instead of landing your feet on the ground, like in step five, aim them for the cranks.

Practice, practice, practice. You don’t really need to have the uni leave the ground for a 180 unispin, just your feet have to leave the uni, and stay out of the way when its spinning. It may take you a few days to get this trick, or a few minuets, just don’t give up.

Let out a loud “Yes!!!” once you land one.

Your probably thinking that this guide sounds too simple and no enough detail, but 180 unispins are simple and don’t need much detail. You just gotta go out and try them and not be afraid to fall a few times.

I would of gotten pictures of the spin, but my webcam sucks when its dark in my room, and seeing how its past 5am, I don’t wanna wake anyone up by doing a unispin in my room, nor do I want to cut my feet up.

Once you have the 180 down, just spin the uni harder and faster and get a 360, then try a 540 and so on and so forth.


Feel free to add any other advice to it, but to anyone riding this, don’t pay so much attention to it, cause really all it is is, jump, spin, land. =p







Thanks for the tutorial Jerrick, it was good advice.

However, for all of you out there trying to learn uni spins, please don’t do it barefoot!

thats wot i was thinking… wear some shoes they are even more usefull than shinguards LOL

hwo about some advice on how to spin/catch the seat for 360 and above unispins? that’s what i’m having trouble with. i can often get it around but can’t land with my feet or stop the spin precisely enough with my hands.

if you arent landing unispins its cuz youre scared. if you werent scared it would all flow and youd land. and…stop making it a science everybody my goodness.

:smiley: thanks for the advice:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Do you (by you I mean the people who can do this already) recomend learning with plastic pedals or should i just keep my bulletproof’s on?

my biker friend gived me a advice this week

i was trying the 360 unispin but it was really hard to land it

he said that one of my foot was going up and the other was going to the side…
so i was never landing the 2 foots at the same time

when he said that i tried to pull my 2 foots to the side and whala! i landed it
and in the same day i landed 8 360 unispin.
in 2 hours of training i landed more 360 than i ever landed in my life.
and iam training the 360 for 3 months i think
2 times i landed 2 consecutives

thats was a nice advice

despite being from florida it seems like english is your second if not third language. be helpful or get out.

For 180s, you dont even have to take your hand off the handle, same with 360s, and I think I saw someone do it with a 540.

If you are taking your hand off the handle, so you have to catch again when your landing, just practice like on step 5.

Jump, spin, catch the seat the right way, land on the ground. Once your used to catching the seat like that, go for the landing.

i’m looking for advise on how to do just that. spin the seat a full 360 and catch it in the right way. if it helps, i hop left foot forward, and for unispins i put my right hand on the front and left hand at the back but on the opposite side. and for 180s i (of course) don’t let go.

That was a helpful tutorial. It made me want to go buy shin guards.

Well you should. I bought 661s yesterday FINALLY (after like 3 years) and my jump increased by like 2 inches immediately. Shinguards give you guts.

if ur not landing backflips its cuz ur scared. you just gotta do it man.
It’s not that simple for most people. There are other factors than being scared. Granted, being scared is one of the largest obstacles in learning to unispin, but it’s not like some tips or advice wouldn’t help.

180 and 360 guides ( taken from my tutorial in unicyclopedia)

180 unispin.
firstly you want to be comfortable hopping with the seat infront. once you can do that learn the 180 jump mount. simply jump off the ground, spin the uni 180 degrees and land with your feet on the pedals. once you can do both of these reasonably well you should be ready to try a 180 unispin. Get on with the seat out in front holding the seat with one hand on the front and one on the back and steady yourself. some people like to do small bunnyhops to find their center of balance. then when you are ready jump up into the air whilst keeping the uni more or less on the ground. you dont want it to come up with you. then spin it 180 whichever way you feel most comfortable and then land with your feet on the pedals or cranks. if you are not sure that you are going to land it, instead land on the ground next to the pedals. one thing that really helped me was keeping the wheel on the ground and using the seat to kinda keep yourself in the air. this trick should take around 45 mins more or less of solid practicing to learn. even then you may not be able to do it every time. remember to wear shin guards in case you miss the pedals and remember that your feet dont have to go out too much. i jarred my wrist really badly doin this so wristguards or tape may be good. P.S I realise that this is already in the freestyle section but this is also a street skill and this has more detail. here is my video tutorial. http://www.unicyclist.com/index.php?page=gallery&g2_itemId=280784

360 unispin
The 360 unispin is somewhat different to the 180 unispin. to do the 360 unispin you firstly want to be able to do the 180 unispin (obviously) and you want to be good at it. unlike the 180 unispin the 360 jump mount is not a necessity. i actually find it harder than the 360 unispin. okay, there are a few things to learn. firstly you want to figure out how your going to spin the uni. some people let go of the seat when they spin the uni some dont. i dont, im not that coordinated. once you figure this out practice practice practice. get comfortable doing this. then figure out whether to spin seat in or out. i spin seat in so that it stays under me. then practice some more. one day it’ll just come to you.

To learn the 180 uni-spin I found it most helpfull to start out doing 90 degree uni-spins. That is just spinning your uni 90 degrees so that you land bouncing on the tire. Then spin the uni the other 90 degrees and land on the pedals. After doing this for a few days you will be able to spin the uni 180 and after a few tries, land on the pedals.
But just to deviate from the norm, I am a big advocate of bare-foot uni-spinning.


ok i just re learned the 360 unispin. my tips are keep the seat close to ur legs and lean foward with ur upper body so that your face is looking at the cranks. eg u want to be in like an upside down L shape.the little bit of the L being your upper body. then bounce like you usually do to get ur center of balance. then pause bend down toward the uni and hop upward whilst spinning. you will hopefully go foward ever so slightly so that you land ontop of the uni rather than having the uni just go out infront of you and not landing on it.this is difficult to explain so ill have a vid and a frame by frame analysys by tonight. not now i just stuffed my achilies.

Here’s THE tip I’ve missed for a long time for unispins: spinning direction.
I hop with my left foot forward, so I spin my uni counter-clockwyse so that my feet can stop the spin when I land on the pedals/cranks.
I used to spin the other way when practicing the 180 unispin and when I tried the other way, every thing looked much easier:D