The collaberation Video is Finished

I just finished editing the video so take a look.

Collaberation Video

that was pretty nice! was that you at the end? ooooh that looked painful but smooth for some reason.

no that was kapoute. I wasnt in the video. dont have my camera yet…

Hey there’s me!

Cool, I haven’t seen most of that before. I liked Amanda and Bishop’s coasting part, that was cool.

ahahaha cool im in the video

huuummm I will have to take my revenge on that ledge.

sweet neato, it was cool to see myself in a video with all those other sweet riders.

that video was sweet. everyone had their part…ntappin why were you gapping those bleachers with your feet on the cranks? is that easier for you? just curious man.

actually i think that was me- if youre talking about the fall

well thanks!

but everybody LOVE JONNY !!!

when did I ever say I loved jonny? ha ha


dang I didnt make it in. Oh well it was still good

I was going to put your clips in but i think they were .mov so it wasnt working when i was trying to edit it

Great flick guys and girls. I really wanna be in the next one. I have some clips sitting on my computer, I might try to take some new ones. I will start up uniing a lot during the spring and summer. Been busy during the winter, and its been quite cold. I should be uniing, but winter is the time I mainly juggle.

Awesome stuff though. Who is the person bailing at the beginning and the end of the flick?

that was kapoute. Same person as the opening clip, only in slow motion.

Are you going to make another video like that one? Because If you are tell me.

im sorry guys but i think i stole the show… haha cool video… well done


Didn’t get that to work then? Did you try Rad Video Tools?

I can do it, if you want.

ya it didnt work. Whats your email?

Hehe it was me ! ahah but that bail didnt hurt me a lot, except for my elbow that was on the side of ledge

beche ledge.jpg

There’s a lot of really good riding in that video. I especially like Forrest’s leg around moves.

I would have sent some clips, but there was too much snow here to film, until it all melted yesterday.

By the way, the word is spelled “collaboration,” not “collaberation.”