the christening of a Coker

Since November I’ve been after a Coker, and this morning finally got one.

Relishing a ride in the full yet pitiful covering of snow I collected it and returned the 40 miles home to find clearing skies and not a flake to be seen. This meant that my planned test ride along the river towpath would be muddy & slippery. I reluctantly admitted it would be better than snow for keeping UPDs in single figures.

Getting started was much easier than in November. I managed a full revolution before my first UPD and after the 4th I was away and being given a very, very wide berth by the few unfortunate (but entertained) pedestrians.

The ride itself was relaxing, uneventful and fast! it made a change riding faster than the Eights on the Thames, and I didn’t get overtaken by any joggers! I must have looked a sight at one point - laughing while stooping to get under Hammersmith Bridge without hitting my head.
As for the last stretch to home along the high street…
By that time I had the confidence to ride in the road. At Coker speeds riding on busy pavements is not on. The road was pretty empty and the traffic slow and sparse. I felt as if I was riding way, way up in the air under a flouroescent sign with a klaxon blaring. It seemed as if everyone was staring (much more than normal). it was a wierd feeling, I guess it’s like playing to a larger audience.

On my way home I dropped in to see a friend who was raring to try it. after a similar initial couple of minutes to mine he got going OK. then after a short break he went off again, but the Coker stayed where it was. With both hands bloodied, sore knees and a patch of dirt on his nose (it was a perfect faceplant) he decided to quit!

At home I gave the poor thing a wash after it’s mudbath (it had the full Turkish baths treatment today - pampering & cosseting in the warm house, then a mud bath, then a cold shower - I didn’t bother with the steam rooms or sauna - maybe in the summer)

With my 2 major (ie- at speed) UPDs and my friend’s faceplant, my helmet will be getting much more use this year. The UPD count reached double figures, but only just.

I can feel some rides from Chaldon Herring to Scratchy Bottom & The White Nothe coming on… maybe even along the Piddle!

Very addictive things, those cokers! I’m hopelessly hooked. I’ve found a very fun and worthwhile addition to the equipment is a cyclocomputer. It’s nice to have a solid representation of the work you put in (and as yet I haven’t found one that counts UPD’s thank goodness). Looking forward to future accounts of your rides.

–fellow coker junkie

Thanks unidaddy, there will be more to come - I’ve been a bit too lazy recently, but with the new toy I’ll be out there much more.

I’m going to get a 2nd set of wires for my computer so I can use it on the Coker as well as the Muni, the cumulative miles could be interesting. They may be quite high, particularly if Roger tries to bully me into the Mountain Mayhem 24hr race as a penance for not buying the Coker off him! If I do some touring I’ll also try a dynamo for my GPS unit too.

Thanks Mike, this was a good read for me who have just ordered a Coker. November … does that mean you had to wait 3 months for delivery?

He was lucky, some people were waiting 9 months! Coker do not exactly service the UK very well. How ever much pressure we put on them.


I didn’t realize that Cokers were so hard to get over there. That likely explains why Qu-ax is now making a 36 inch uni.

Another option is to get a second cheap computer for your muni, and track the distances separately. Road miles vs. Trail Miles. I do it that way, then have an Excel spreadsheet where I can track my stats separately but side by side. That way if I’m training for a road event, my 36" miles don’t get mixed up with my 24" miles. For me, it’s easier to track what I’m working on…have been training for a distance event this weekend, then will be abandoning the 36" to focus on muni until Moab.

Welcome to the coker club, Mike. Wishing you many miles of enjoyment.