The Catch - Unicycle article from 1993

The Catch is a now defunct British juggling magazine. Someone from rec.juggling put up an old issue and it includes an article on unicycling.

It’s not terribly interesting save for how it shows that while the technology available in unicycle construction has definitely improved the conversation about unicycles and unicycling hasn’t changed much.

It IS interesting. Thanks for the post, Researchin’ Raphael.

Wow, quite the exotic Theresa! Ooo la la!

Thanks, RR, an excellent find!

Fun to read…thanks for posting it.

Is his name really Charlie Chucklebucket? With a name such as that, he didn’t get teased much in grade school…nooo!:smiley:

Re: The Catch - Unicycle article from 1993

I agree, it was an interesting read. Technology has changed a LOT in
those 12 years!

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wouldnt you be grumpy if somone just said you had PMS? - jagur

I remember The Catch well - used to get it quite often. Not many people remember that they used to have a unicycle hockey team. At BUC 1 they knocked the team sarah and I were members of (Bristol University Circusoc) out of the competition with an extra-time decider.

Remembering this sort of thing reminds me that I am getting old these days :frowning:

I used to be subcribed to The Catch. And when subscribing I bough almost all issue’s. I have no idea where I’ve left them. But I remember this article.
They did’nt write so much on unicycling. And suddenly I did’nt receive anything anymore (they quit).