The bunnicycle may soon be available in the US

I just got the following message :wink:

Des discussions devrait aboutir lors des EUC en Allemagne en janvier pour une distribution hors Europe.
A bientot

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> Objet : Bunnicycle

> Quand le monocycle Bunnicycle de 12 pouces est disponible aux États-Unis? Il existe déjà une forte demande en raison de la vidéo de Dorian.

allez vite sur
Kahero, 14 rue JB.Boussingault, 29200 brest,

i dont understand french ,but i hope this means the end to al the 12incher threads.

Translated via Babelfish:


Discussions should lead [somewhere] during EUC in Germany in January for an outside Europe distribution.

See you soon

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> Subject : Bunnicycle

> When will the Bunnicycle 12 inches unicycle will be available in United States ? There is already an important demand [or request, I'm not sure which one is more appropriate here] because of Dorian's video.

go to
Kahero, 14 street JB.Boussingault, 29200 brest,

Haha, maybe. I’m pretty sure “distribution hors Europe” includes all the places that people who posted in those threads come from, i.e. the US, Canada, etc.