The BUC 17 video thread

So yeah… If you have any videos of BUC17, post them here for everyone to see!

Here are the ones i know of:

theres mine (:

hehe loved the skinny rode at 00:33 :stuck_out_tongue: looks like you’re swimming xD

Here are some of mine so far…

Speed Trials (4 of them so far, but link will contain all as I upload them):

Soon to come, trials compilation, advanced freestyle competition and Matt Sindelar’s long performance, and his 10 minute showing off afterwards. Have I forgotten anything?

All nine Speed Trials are now up. If there were more than that, then could someone let me know which one(s) I missed… I swear I got all of them.

I shall be working on the videos for the other stuff this evening, and throughout the rest of the week (now that I know what to do to upload them).

All 9 of the speed trial runs are up, and are in the playlist seen in my last thread.

Matt Sindelar’s performance and skill demonstration fromt the same day are now also up, and can be seen here:

As I am busy this evening, no more shall go up till wednesday earliest, but I do still have a lot to prepare and upload.

My recordings of all three street zones are now live for all to view:

I have now uploaded all of the advanced freestyle videos and they can be seen in this playlist.