The Black (Stealth) Torker

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how wide is the seat of the black torker?

The black torker has a seat Identical to the Miyata seat.

I have a stealth torker and I love it.


how would this uni work for trials? There’s one on ebay for $15.50.

Just got my new torker 20" black unistar in the mail. Good unicycle so far, except the cheap black paint chips off easily. Still waiting for my semcycle XL frame b/c i need a flat crown for one footed tricks.

you can do one footed tricks without a flat crown. and if you really need a place for your foot, try hose clamps and duct tape. much cheaper than actually buying a new frame.

I can, but i’m tired of my foot sliding off and whacking the pedal or crank.

I’m going to use my black torker frame to build another unicycle in the near future.

My first (and only so far) is a 24" Torker. I’m 6’ 2" and I didn’t need a seatpost extension for it as the supplied one works fine. It did take a lot of force on the quick-release to keep the seat in place, though. I’m not good enough yet to really say if the crown makes much difference, but the handle has held up to constant dropping on cement while I’m learning to ride. The tire has a smooth tread that runs the circumference of the tire which I suppose it good indoors, but slips outdoors when the ground is wet/icy. Overall, for the price ($99 US), I think it is a pretty good buy for my first uni.

I have my clamp so tight now, I can barely get it to release. Now that you have it tight, is the seat staying in place. I don’t drop nearly as much know as I did a few days ago, but when I do I have to struggle to get the quick-release loose then have to straighten the seat. Is it possible to get the quick release tight enough to keep the seat from moving on a hard drop?

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the seat clamp sucks,i took the lever out and put a bolt N nut in its place,seems to work better.

I will give that a try. Thanks