The Big trip to the EJC 2004

Hello everyone,

maybe you have all heard of it. But I’am planning to unicycle to the Europian Juggling Convention that will be in Carvin, France.

I start in Best, Netherlands.

Here is the website about my trip:

This site is in Dutch and Englisch.


Re: The Big trip to the EJC 2004

Regarding the last step of your trip, from the Frankrijk border to Carvin: there are bicycle lanes in the Lille (Rijsel) metro area, unicycles shoud not go there (unicycles are not cycles according to the Nov. 8th, 1968 european agreement on road traffic, that requires a cycle to have at leat 2 wheels) but you would encounter no problems. This seems safer than using a road in the midlde of nowhere with high-speed traffic. Remember French driver are not always as cautious as they are in Germany or the Netherlands.

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