‘The Big One’ original Coker 36” unicycle frame

I am selling a ‘The Big One’ original Coker 36” unicycle frame with bearing cups and bolts, but no seatpost clamp
The sale is because road riding is not of interest to me and I striped the rest of the components to make a 36” ultimate wheel which is sadly currently broken.
When built it makes a large unicycle. I am 1.6m in height but had no problems riding it with the seatpost cut down to a minimum and with 125mm cranks.
It is in perfect working order although there is some superficial damage to the paintwork in the form of rust. I have not removed the sticky tape which the previous owner had left stuck on.

22.2mm seatpost tube
I think the bearing housings are 40mm, but I am not certain.
I have no idea on the maximum tyre width clearance; all I know is that it was compatible with the Coker knobbly tyre it came with.
There is no brake mount.
955g including bearing cups and bolts.

Please view the photo attached at the end of the post.
Starting at free, I will accept the best offer made by the 1/11/2011. If it is the case that there are no offers by this date, I will sell it on eBay. Postage is £5. For nothing extra, I can include the spokes that built this unicycle. I am reluctant to sell the seatpost and clamp, but I could be persuaded.
If you live nearby feel free to view the item in person.
Postal insurance is included.
Feel free to ask questions and I am happy to post more photos and information.

Hey, how much would it cost to ship to the states? I’d love to buy this frame and, sadly, we live on different continents. But, if the price is right, it’ll work. Oh, and I hope you mean 1/11/2012. :stuck_out_tongue: Haha. Thanks!

USA Postage

The specification on the Royal Mail website is unclear, but if they class the package as a ‘small packet’ then it would cost £15 ($25) to post to America. If this expense is reasonable for you, then I can make a trip to the post office to find out for definite.
If the package does not come under this class then I would use Parcel Force which would cost £30 ($50) to post to America.

For currency conversion I have used Google; so I am not certain on the exact charges by our banks, and the price quoted in $ is an estimation.

No, 1/11/2011 is 1st of November 2011, not 11th of January (you Americans write dates the wrong way round).

I’ll give you a couple of quid for it Ralph if nobody else offers. I only want it to make a handlebar for my 36er, so I’m not going to offer any more than that. You can even keep the clamps and bolts if you like :slight_smile:


End date: Tuesday 1st of November 2011

Micah; I thought you were joking that it would give you a longer time period to give a best offer. Thank you Rob for correcting Micah so eloquently, as I did in fact mean the Tuesday that is the first day of the month of November of the year 2011AD.

Rob; I have noted your offer. Re-engineering a frame for use as a handlebar is an ingenious idea!

Haha, I realized I made that mistake. Why is the American way to do stuff so stupid? :stuck_out_tongue: I would have thought that the shipping would be a little bit more… How about $20+shipping?

Not stupid, just different (and wrong of course ;)). The “best”/most logical date notation IMO is the Japanese way of yyyy/mm/dd - lets you compare dates directly as numbers. But that’s just the nerd in me.

I can’t claim credit for the idea - I’ve seen it done by a few other people. A 22.2mm seat tube fits nicely over a bar end (which I’ve already got on my 36er to hold a brake handle), so it’s an easy conversion - just saw the frame legs off to whatever length you want, slip it over the bar end and clamp it up, add a bit of bar tape, done. I fancy trying a handle on my 36er but I don’t ride it enough to justify buying a proper one - a cheap frame would be a nice quick way to try it out. Looks like I’ve been outbid anyway :frowning:
I’ve thought about buying a new one from UDC (cheap 20" are only about £10 I think), but it seems a waste to chop up a new frame.


Current best offer: £13

I made a trip to the post office; they confirmed that the package is classed as a small packet and that postage is $20 to America with Airmail.
Micah, that makes your best offer a total of $40 (for product and shipping).

If anyone in the UK wishes to increase on this offer; then the currency conversion results in the offer being £13 (excluding the £5 postage within the UK).

Did you REALISE your mistake here? Haha

I agree completely and a standard alphanumerical sort function works perfectly on this format.


The frame with bearing cups and bolts is now SOLD; thank you Micah for instant payment and a smooth transaction.

The spokes are still available for free, provided the receiver pays the postage.