The Big Apple's thin reflective whitewall

Regarding the Schwalbe Big Apple 2.35 on a 29er.

One thing that has always bugged me about this tire is the thin reflective whitewall ( I know, call me shallow and vain). It appears to be an overlay and probably could be removed.

So my question to this forum:
Has anyone tried to remove this ugly reflective piece?

The reflective strip is the best part of the tire! (besides the excellent riding characteristics…)

The strip on mine has worn a little. I’ll bet you could scrape it off, but it would take some work.


I like that strip, I think its great way to make the wheel more noticable after dark in traffic. A good saftey feature.

I think it’s sweet. My sister has one on her nimbus, and I love how reflective it is. I wish my coker had one.

I think it’s quite nice…
Speaking of that… i need to pump my tire, it’s quite soft :wink: